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The Madness: AFC North Preview, Doug P, Zeke the Creep & Big 3 Flop

Guests: Jim Jackson talks Flyers and Phillies

Rob is back before vacation to break down all the sports news going on today! This weeks edition of The Madness will cover:

  • Voice of the Flyers for CSNPhilly and brodcaster for the Phillies radio network Jim Jackson will join the program to talk about the state of the other two teams in Philly
  • Rob will delve into his first NFL Division breakdown with the AFC North.
  • Is Doug Pederson dumb for his recent comments? Rob will discuss
  • Zeke the Creep: The adventures of Ezekiel Elliot get crazier and how bad did Allen Iverson and the Big 3 screw up in Philly

Tune in Wednesday night from 7:30-9:00 at! Search for TSJ Sports Radio & listen live!!

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