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TSJ101 Editor’s Take: My Opinion On The Colin Kaepernick Protest

Colin Kaepernick Protest Madam predictable/ via Flickr


The Negative Result of the Colin Kaepernick Protest


One of the great things about this Country is our 1st Ammendment and the right to free speech. Many men and women have fought and died for the rights of Americans to be able to continue this right. Recently,  Colin Kaepernick decided to make a political stand (or should I say sit) against social injustice between blacks and whites in this country. He chose to sit out the National Anthem in protest of the flag, which he says represents oppression.

This act that he chose would face a severe punishment in many countries around the world. Yet in the U.S. , it is his right to do so. I have heard this argument many times from people that he was expressing his right to not pay homage to the flag. This argument really bothers me to the core. Yes, Kaepernick does have the right under the law to protest the flag, but having this right does not make it alright.

This form of protest has completely taken away from the true issue he was trying to prove. The talk now is not about the issue of race relations, but about the disrespect he has shown to many families across this nation that have lost a loved one in the military. People of all colors, creeds, and religions have dedicated their lives to that flag and have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I think that many people have lost sight of what the flag represents.

The flag has never nor will ever represent anything negative. Wrongs have been done in this country, but the flag stands for what our country could and should stand for. It does not represent the negative side of a constantly evolving nation. No soldier ever gave their life for the flag, so that people could be filled with hate or oppress anyone.

These are true issues that need addressed in our country and there are better ways to address them without the alienation of so many who believe in the good our flag represents. Kaepernick has shown that one of the problems in this country is with people’s inability to focus and lift up the good in this nation.

We cannot ignore the negative or it will fester, but we must not lose sight of what makes our country and our flag so important. We see people burning the flag in the name of injustice and people now not standing to give honor to our great nation. This is causing a greater divide within the problems that already exist.

I do not know who Colin Karpernick has as friends, or what his family thinks of this, but he needs to use the platform he has to make a change. Silent protests do not yield results. An open conversation is how we meet the needs that this nation faces.

I struggled with my feelings towards this foolish act and towards Kaepernick and have taken some time to think. I have no hatred for this man. However, I am saddened to see a man that lacks an understanding of what he is doing. I am saddened to see a man who has a platform to use and has chosen unwisely to sit it out.

If we want a true change in this country, we each need to look inwardly and not outwardly at how to fix it. We need to open a serious dialogue that is absent of political gain and figure out how to heal our nation. We need to respect the flag that flies above our nation for the hope that it is meant to provide.

I only wish that when something like this happens,  we could see a true conversation take place without the social media backlash and the news media spin. Colin Kaepernick probably just made the most foolish political statement he could make. Instead of lashing out I think it’s time to educate this nation again.