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TSJ101 Exclusive Interview: “The Devil’s Son in Law” Julius Smokes


TSJ101 Exclusive Interview: “The Devil’s Son in Law” Julius Smokes. We talk wrestling and music, but nothing gets held back!

Good evening, folks, this is wrestling writer Gregory Black, and I’m here to present one of my favorite things for, of course, I’m referring to the star interview. Last year, we had both Kris Levin of VALKYRIE and “The Notorious 187” Homicide as two of our interviewees, and this year, I, along with the rest of this writing team promise to bring you guys closer to the stars you love to watch.

This time around, I have gotten the chance to interview someone who, by every stretch of the imagination, is considered a wild card, whether it is in the ring, or in the recording studio. He was a manager, a champion, and, currently, following his passion for music. He is someone who doesn’t have a filter when it comes to his opinions, and isn’t at all afraid to make his case. He was a Triple-Crown Champion, managed two of the most ruthless teams in Ring of Honor history, and is currently managing “The Baddest Woman on The Planet” Jessie Brooks in VALKYRIE.

I am, of course, talking about the man formerly known as “J-Train“, “The Devil’s Son in Law” Julius Smokes!

I had the opportunity to chat with “The Devil’s Son in Law” earlier today, which was, to say the least, a very interesting conversation, indeed. But, I don’t think you need to take my word for it, read on, dear readers.


GB: Alright, so, first thing would be how you got your start in wrestling?

JS: Lalo the Don, UW(L) ’95, Urban Wrestling League.

GB: How was that experience?

JS: [It was] Great, T.O.T. (Laython Tower of Torture) and I was his first students, my Boy Boy!

GB: Awesome, did they pair you two as a team in the promotion, or feuding?

JS: No, I was the only lion that had the heart to workout with the big man. He was 500 pounds of Harlem pork ribs. (Laughing)

GB: (Laughing) Okay, having seen the both of you work in the ring individually, I can definitely say it was worth it.

JS: Indeed, that’s my brother from another mother. Then we ran into Bobby [Lombardi – owner of the original Doghouse], and started DHS (Doghouse) in ’97.

GB: Now, from my understanding, you went from UWL, to a number of different promotions. One such being Major League Wrestling. How was it working for them? Was it any different than UWL? Could it be compared to another company you worked for, such as Urban Wrestling Federation?

JS: Urban Wrestling Federation was a hip-hop PPV company. MLW was a traditional company.

Samoa Joe, Homicide, Julius Smokes (Photo from the Buddah Headz Myspace page)

GB: I remember going to one Urban Wrestling Federation show, which was a double show (two PPVs filmed that day), it had a very interesting take on presenting pro wrestling to the fans. If it had kept going, where do you think it could have gone? And what role would you have played in it’s success?

JS: Lucha Underground is doing what Urban Wrestling Federation wanted, but fumbled. My music and commentary careers will be through the roof!

GB: I heard the track you did for “The Black Mafia“, it had a nice vibe to it.

JS: Thanks, my Boy Boy. I have all my music available in all digital stores. My record label “Buddah Headz Records LLC” is on deck! When you Google “Buddah Headz Records”, that’s me!

GB: Awesome, awesome, I know that there will be a few readers who will check out your music.

JS: My song “TRAUMA SQUAD” was the theme for “The Rottweilers” & “Vulture Squad” in Ring of Honor.

GB: Ahh yes, The Rottweilers, I remember them being a really popular group in ROH. How did the team come about?

"J-Train" Julius Smokes & Homicide - Doghouse (Photo by Buddah Headz)

“J-Train” Julius Smokes & Homicide – Doghouse (Photo by Buddah Headz)

JS: It started in the DHS (Doghouse) in 2000, Homicide and I destroyed, and entertained the fans. We decided to adopt the name in ROH in 2004. Best time, but, the future looks delicious. JULIUS SMOKES on Spotify should be on everybody’s iPhones.

GB: Now, I know you have been a manager, but, you’ve also held some gold, too. I remember looking back in the LIWF, you were holding three titles at one time.

JS: Yes, LIWF’s first Negro Triple-Crown Champion. Great times indeed with Howse! Howse was my 600 lb. bodyguard/manager. Also Co-CEO of Buddah Headz Records.

GB: That’s awesome, it’s always good to keep good friends close, especially when you have a common goal.

Black Mafia Theme, available on iHeart Radio (Photo from Julius Smokes'iHeart Radio Page, art credit to Pete Bregman)

Black Mafia Theme, available on iHeart Radio (Photo from Julius Smokes’ iHeart Radio Page, art credit to Pete Bregman)

JS: JULIUS SMOKES on iHeart Radio is on deck!

GB: Excellent! Now, I know one of your recent title reigns was holding the Heavyweight Championship of the Bronx Wrestling Federation, while you and The Black Mafia were ruling the roost.

JS: That was a walk in the park. My first show, I took the title, and some people’s hearts. My teammates Black Mafia was the highlight for me!

GB: That was something I heard from one of your teammates. (Laughing) BM was actually gaining some major press, especially after the group essentially took every belt in the promotion.

JS: MY DHS alumni brothers is always on deck!

GB: You know? You answered the very next question I was going to ask, which was how it felt to run with your fellow DHS alums King (fomerly known as Darksyde) Jeter and Devious.

JS: It was an inside job. Jealousy got in the way of making money. It had a strong storyline, The Boriquas vs Negros & the fans had an NWA atmosphere.

GB: The interesting thing I remember was that every title, if I’m not mistaken, was defended under the “Freebird Rule”, which was renamed the “Blackbird Rule”.

JS: When the ring lights come on, it’s time for WAAAAAR!!

GB: Always, always, of course. Every match is a war, whether it’s the first or the tenth. Do you have any favorite opponents you’ve faced or managed against?

JS: Of my alumni brothers, Mr. Jeter, I like his business approach. So, when the “T” was not crossed, and “i” was dotted, it was time to exile! My teammates were my favorites! My favorites were BLACK MAFIA, Period! We all dropped the belts on BLACK HISTORY MONTH. What was that about, my brown brothers?

GB: From my understanding, what I’ve been told, it had to do with some backstage politics, which is unfortunate, as the team was instrumental in the promotion’s success during it’s run. Needless to say, it was disappointing to see it all happen, not just for myself, but, having heard it from fans of the promotion, as well.

JS: Political while throwing pennies don’t add up. I’m an ROH icon, if you like it or not. They anointed me when I was in ROH, I have nothing to prove to nobody, period! Did you watch “The Best of Daniel Bryan in ROH“? I’m on it too with 187, in the flesh!

GB: Very true, very true, now, I do want to ask about something involving ROH..The infamous “One Year Anniversary Riot”. There are those who still question the authenticity of the rivalry and animosity that caused it. As someone who was involved, what is your take on the riot?

JS: The riot was Gabe’s (Gabe Sapolsky, co-creator and former co-owner of ROH) evil mastermind! My DHS family got involved and Homicide put it all together. It was real, Joe took DRS brother’s Peyton Manning Jersey off his fat a$$!

GB: (Laughing) Oh my, that is crazy!

JS: He $h!tted on himself. Gabe instant replayed the riot from every angle and ROH was built off ECW attitude!

GB: It seems like it, the fan base is as rabid as the old ECW fan base, from what I’ve seen. An interesting angle that I noticed you were involved in was the one with Low-Ki. Where he questioned the “street lifestyle/mentality” and whether it belonged in ROH, only to join forces with you later on.

JS: Great angle to bring me on the team. My motivation was like Godzilla’s fire, I was there to make the spot, not fill it. Low-Ki was under my spell for a minute, and we beat Jay Lethal’s a$$ in front of his mother!

GB: Can’t lie, I still want a Rottweilers shirt. (Laughs)

JS: Buddah Headz Records will have some on deck.

GB: Weren’t there two versions of the team?

JS: The dreamers and the Money Team. The Best of the Rottweilers DVD is still on deck!

GB: I’ll be picking that up soon enough.

JS: Google it.

GB: That will be done. Being that you are more focused on your music, is your wrestling career put on hold?

JS: I had to handle business before pleasure. It’s the whole package, one cannot live without the other.

GB: So, does that mean a return to the ring is imminent?

JS: WWF (WWE) was about music and wrestling, ever since Wrestlemania 1. I am following the blueprints to success.

GB: Nothing wrong with that, honestly, I believe the fans would be more than happy to see you return to the ring.

JS: I am ready to rumble!

GB: Where would you go, when you return?

JS: I was booked last month, but, the showstorm and mother nature said no. I want a good bunkhouse brawl next up on my menu!

GB: That sounds like it would be definite fun.

JS: I have to see a man about a dog, aka, about that time!

GB: If fans wanted to check you out, where would they go to do that?

JS: iHeart Radio, Spotify, iTunes, and my music app: and Youtube. Thanks, my dude!

GB: Definitely, my friend.

JS: College Radio also, my dude, and Jessie Brooks on deck!

GB: Jessie Brooks from VALKYRIE? She’s launched a music career, too?

JS: Her WRESTLING manager only!

GB: Ahhhh, okay, okay, I was a bit confused by that. Now, seeing how you have been her manager, how has it been working with her?

JS: Great, but, I’ll catch you on the rebound, my Boy Boy!

GB: Alright, my friend, thank you for the interview. Any parting words you’d like to the readers?

JS: Blessings to all my fans, BUDDAH HEADZ RECORDS 4Life!

GB: Awesome, excellent!


Okay, I’ll admit, towards the end, I brain farted, heh, but, here you go, ladies and gentlemen, the first interview of 2016. If you would like to find more on Julius Smokes, you can still find the old Doghouse footage on Youtube, find his ROH footage on ROH’s library, and well, you can find his music in the links above, which pepper the interview here and there.

I thank all of you for checking out the interview, and hope you guys continue to check out all of the great stories here on TSJ101. Stay tuned, my weekly opinion piece,”Thoughts From The Chubby Guy” will be posted between today and tomorrow, so keep your eyes posted for it.

So guys, as of this writing, it is 2:30am, and I need sleep, so, until the next article, have a good one, dear readers.

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Photo by Keith Malloy, via Flickr.