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TSJ101 Exclusive Interview with Defensive Back Tyrell Green from Southeastern University

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TSJ101 had an exclusive interview with Defensive Back Tyrell Green from Southeastern University Lakeland, Florida, as he prepares for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. The Southeastern Fire play in NAIA’s Sun Conference. In 2017, the Sun Conference is joining the Mid-South Conference and will be the biggest conference among all of college football.

Green is a force of nature, standing 5’11” 195. He has a hitter’s mentality and delivers some nasty blows to the opposing teams. He’s a native of Pensacola, Florida and at one point, lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a 1st team All-American and 1st team All-Conference selection in his senior year, talling 56 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and a 1 INT returned for a touch down in 8 games. Tyrell was named Defensive Player of the Week on 11/22/15. His 7 tackle per game average was ranked 6th in the conference.

Tyrell ran a 4.5 40 yard dash and has outstanding quickness and make up speed. Although he’s known as a dominant hitter, he has tremendous cover skills that will help him transition smoothly to the next level. He played in the FCS Senior Scout Bowl in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in December, as well as getting invited to play in the College Gridiron Showcase in Arlington, Texas.


TSJ101: Did you have any role models growing up?

Tyrell: My Grandfather Robert Rainge. He’s 70 years old and still works. He instilled a hard work ethic in me early in my life. He does whatever he can to take care of his own.


TSJ101: When did you first start playing organized football?

Tyrell: I started playing football at the age of 7. I went to stay with my uncle in Atlanta, Georgia over the summer and he urged me to play. I was an aggressive kid and I was a natural fit for contact football. Soccer was my first organized sport, though.


TSJ101: While at Southeastern University, your team ran out of 4-2-5 defense a majority of the time. You were used all over (sometimes in the slot covering the receiver lined up in the slot, sometimes like a weak-side linebacker, and sometimes on the outside covering the outside receiver). Share with us how received that role and responsibilities.

Tyrell: I’ve always played corner back but when I got to Southeastern, I was bigger than everybody. My coaches asked me to play in the Nickel. I would come free around the tackles and attack the back with the ball. When I was asked to play on the outside, a few teams tested me not knowing that I played Corner back


TSJ101: Coming out of High School, what schools were on your radar?

Tyrell: I was 5’8” 148 pounds and initially, I only had a few Division II show interest. I grew a bit and I had Division I teams like Georgia Southern, Austin Peay, and Murray State were interested.


TSJ101: What will an NFL team get by selecting you?

Tyrell: They will be getting a player that is hungry. Someone who loves football. They’ll be getting a true play maker. I love being in that role of a play maker who has to step up for his team. I am very coach-able. You can show me something once and I’ll have it down. Football is more than just a game. There’s more to it than just football. I’m a student of the game. I’m a football player and I’ve felt like that at an early age. It’s kind of surreal; this whole process. Now, it’s literally right in front of me.


TSJ101: What role did your coaches at Southeastern University play in you taking your game to the next level?

Tyrell: My Position Coach Marsh; he coaches to get you better. They had me rotating all over the defense. I stayed on campus over the Summer and really learned how to read offenses and getting down all of my defensive keys. Coach Marsh pushed me and he knew exactly how to get under my skin to get the best out of me. It made me the leader I am today. Coach Hayes knew the game and taught me better technique. He showed me how to position and set my feet, which led to tackles for loss and interceptions. I apply his teachings to my arsenal.


TSJ101: What players do you mold your game after? Are there any past or present players that you follow? Do you have a favorite team that you follow as well?

Tyrell: Sean Taylor!! He played with aggression, played violent and fast. Tyrann Mathieu. I envision myself stripping the ball out of the offensive player’s hand like him. I really incorporate that into my game. I love the Patriots; they are well-coached and he brings out the best in his players.


TSJ101: What NFL & CFL teams have reached out to you?

Tyrell: I worked out for the Ottawa Redblacks, Edminton Eskimos, B.C. Lions (all of the CFL), and the New York Jets.

TSJ101: What is your off-field preparation been as  the NFL draft draws near?

Tyrell: I’m anxious and ready to get back to football! My training now has been a lot different than my training in college, where we would lift heavy weights. Now, I’m focusing on the little things like techniques, working my little muscles, running ladders, working releases while covering receivers, running the 40 yard dash, and doing plyometrics.