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TSJ101 Exclusive Interview with Safety Peter Tulloch

NFL: Peter Tulloch


TSJ101 had an exclusive interview with Defensive Back Peter Tulloch from Valdosta State University, as he prepares for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. The Valdosta State University plays in NCAA Division II’s Gulf South.

Peter started out his college career with Florida A&M and decided to move his talents toValdosta and became a stalwart nationally. Coming out of high school, he was 2nd team All-Dade County, which has produced some of the nation’s most talented athletes. Tulloch 

His Valdosta State team went 9-3 and advanced to the 2nd round of the NCAA Division II playoffs. Peter finished his last collegiate game with 8 solo tackles and 1 tackle for loss. 

Tulloch is a force of nature, standing 6’0” 210. He has a hitter’s mentality and delivers some nasty blows to the opposing teams. He’s a native of Florida. He was one of the best defensive backs in the country. During his junior year at Florida A&M, Peter finished with 49 tackles, 1 sack, 7 pass break ups, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions.

He finished his senior campaign at Valdosta  with 52 tackles, 2 forced fumble, 6 pass break ups and 2 interceptions. Peter hits and blitzes like a linebacker and covers like a corner back.

Tulloch ran a 4.5 40 yard dash and has outstanding quickness and make up speed. Although he’s known as a dominant hitter, he has tremendous cover skills that will help him transition smoothly to the next level. He played in the College Gridiron Showcase and received an invite to play in the Florida Tropic Bowl.


TSJ101: Did you have any role models growing up?

Peter: My Grandmother and Aunt. My mother and father passed away when I was 8 months old and my Grandmother and Aunt really molded me to the man that I am today. My Aunt ran track at University of Miami and they set a positive role in my life. They really stayed on top of me and made sure that I did all the right things. Those two really pushed me to excel in the classroom.


TSJ101: When did you first start playing organized football?

Peter: I first started playing football when I was in 7th grade (at age 12). I played little league football for North Dade Bulldogs and I started out playing Quarterback, Linebacker, and Kicker as well!


TSJ101: . Share with us your role and responsibilities while at Valdosta State.

Peter: I took on the role as Captain of the Secondary. I had to know the formations, check calls. Also, I had to know all of the signals and personnel and make the right calls on the backend. Like when an offense came out in Twins set (2 by 2), I knew to switch to a cover 4. And if the receiver motions, I knew to switch to cover 3.


TSJ101: Coming out of High School, what schools were on your radar?

Peter: Mainly “The U”, University of Miami was a dream school of mine growing up. My defensive back coach wanted me to go to Hutchinson Junior College in Kansas and then attend Kansas State University after. University of Southern Mississippi, University of Memphis, Florida A&M, and Florida International University were on my radar as well.




TSJ101: What will an NFL team get by selecting you?

Peter: They will be getting a hard worker. I am determined to dominate. I have great leadership qualities and I lead by my actions. I will outwork my opponents and I am eager to learn as there’s always room for improvement. I’m anxious to get better and I give the “ALL-DAY, 24-7 effort!!”


TSJ101: What role did your coaches play in you taking your game to the next level?

Peter: My defensive back coach at Florida A&M Corey Fuller (starred at Florida State University and in the NFL) and my corner back coach Chris Cash (playing in the NFL) both showed me the ropes. I tried to take in all the knowledge they have. Even in how to conduct yourself off the field. They really showed me respect and how to learn from your elders. They instilled in me a work ethic to put work in before, during, and after practice. My coaches from Valdosta State pushed me morning, noon, and night, as well as in the film room. It made me better as a student of the game.


TSJ101: What players do you mold your game after?

Peter: Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, and Sean Taylor. I watch highlights of Sean Taylor almost everyday. I see what angles they take and envision myself making plays like they have. They all like to hit and get to the ball when it’s in the air.


TSJ101: Please share your experience in the college all-star games.

Peter: I played in the College Gridiron Showcase, which profiled some of the top graduating seniors nationally. It was a three day event. There were players from big programs like LSU and Marshall University in attendance as well. I only gave up 3 catches on 9 attempts and I had a 1-handed interception and a couple of deflections. After the game, I interviewed with L.A. Rams and Oakland Raiders. They really liked my performance!


TSJ101: What NFL & CFL teams have reached out to you and/or worked you out?

Peter: I worked out with the Green Bay Packers. I had a scheduled workout with the Miami Dolphins. I attended the NFL Regional Combine in New Orleans and worked out with the New Orleans Saints. I also worked out for the Edminton Eskimos and Winnepeg Blue Bombers of the CFL.


TSJ101: What has your preparation been going into the NFL draft?

Peter: I’ve been training with D2D (Determined to Dominate) with Trainer Mike in Plantation, Florida. I work out 2 times a day on Monday, Thursday, and Friday and once on Wednesday and Saturday. We do position drills, field work, conditioning drills, hip drills, and lower body lifts.