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TSJ101 MVP Prediction

MVP Prediction San Ching via Flickr


The TSJ101 NBA Department decided to poll its writers on the upcoming MVP race. While that gave a clear view of who the favorites were, we decided that everyone agreeing wasn’t true to the spirit of NBA voting. With that in mind, we extended the poll to a few other writers who covered other sports to get the MVP prediction.

In order to be as authentic as possible, this poll was set up to mimic the actual MVP voting format. Here is the point system used to determine positions:


1st Place Vote: 10 Points

2nd Place Vote: 7 Points

3rd Place Vote: 5 Points

4th Place Vote: 3 Points

5th Place Vote: 1 point


While we were aiming for authenticity, in order to protect Zach Nowaczyk –who had an outlandish 1st place vote for his MVP prediction- we decided to not have full transparency. You’re welcome Zach.



TSJ101 2017 MVP Prediction


1st Place: LeBron James

Total Points: 115

With the historic Finals performance still fresh in everyone’s mind, LeBron is the consensus MVP for the 2016-17 NBA Season. What happened this offseason really skewed the outlook for the MVP race. With two of LeBron’s biggest rivals on one team, it’s hard to see them be able to keep pace with LeBron who is running against himself in the East.

Even with real competition in Russell Westbrook and James Harden, how well their teams are going to do is a serious question. As we have seen in past MVP races, team success is a big factor in voting. LeBron doesn’t have to worry about outperforming his team because his team is guaranteed to land the 1st seed. –Daniel Villarreal ‘NBA Writer’


2nd Place: Russell Westbrook

Total Points: 92

Now that he is free from his chains and in control of his own team, Westbrook is poised for a huge season. He has shown what he can do without Kevin Durant in the past, but an entire season is something NBA fans could only dream of before. How well he will adapt to being the main option on a team remains a question, but his talent should carry him far enough to impress voters.

Russell Westbrook not only has more shots now without Durant in the offense and being the true catalyst for the O, but he also seems ready to take the NBA by storm and win MVP over Curry and his former friend.  A pissed off Westbrook this year will win it. –Kevin Dillenburg ‘NFL Writer’


3rd Place: Kevin Durant

Total Points: 49 Points

Since Kevin Durant decided to move to Oakland, the biggest question mark has been how they will deal with that many scorers. That is a good problem to have if you are Steve Kerr. Whether or not Golden State will be a great team is not the question. Who will lead the charge is the only thing to wonder about. A lot of Warriors have come out and said that that this a “non-problem” but that answer isn’t suffice. Someone will have to score the most points. Right now, Curry seems more than happy to accommodate Durant in that area.

Kevin Durant will not go quietly into Oakland. He is one of the best scorers in the League and doesn’t want to take a backseat to anybody. This is exactly how it should be. Getting him the ball is the best way to go for Steve Kerr. The Warriors offense was already deadly last year with the pieces they had. Finding a way to get Durant going shouldn’t be rocket science with all the names he has around him. –Austin Hutchinson ‘Chief NBA Editor’


4th Place: Stephen Curry


5th Place: Kawhi Leonard


Others Receiving Votes: James Harden “29 points”, Paul George “14 points”, Matthew Dellavedova “10 points”, Kyrie Irving “5 points”, Anthony Davis “2 points”.