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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy LIV: I’m Loving This…

They see me Trollin', They hatin'... - Thoughts From The Chubby Guy Gregory Black


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy LIV: I’m Loving This…

Good evening/morning, or even afternoon, depending on when you have decided to read this, dear readers, this is your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer, Gregory Black, and I am here to bring you yet another edition of your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner read, “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”, and I almost wrote “Chuggy Guy”… Well, I do like a nice drink from time to time, thus the photo from my writer’s card at the end of this article, or…

Suave with the wine cup - TFTCG

Yes, that is your “Chubby Guy”, in a suit, with a glass of red wine, and it was yummy, heh. As I am writing this, I am also watching “UpUpDownDown” on Youtube, hosted by Austin Creed, though, if you don’t watch the channel, he is better known asXavier Woods ofThe New Day, and it is a good series, first, I saw Creed vs. Sasha Banks‘ fiance, Mikaze, and he lost, and as punishment, he had to eat a hot sauce covered onion, served to him by someone who lost a similar challenge last year, former United States Champion Kalisto. The second video showcased a ping pong challenge between Cesaro and current US Champ Rusev, who really took it to the Swiss Superman, beating him 21 to 17. Now, they have a UFC showdown between his two New Day partners Big E and Kofi Kingston, and it looks like Big E won it, though it looks like it’ll go 3 out of 5.

But, to get back to the article, hehe, now, as you fine folks have read in previous articles, I have been making it my purpose to get myself healthier, and while it has been rather interesting working on my diet, going to the gym has been my consistent, which I am heading there after I finish typing this article, and today is going to be a combination between legs, cardio and abs, considering my days are pretty spread apart, well, I do have a rest day in between gym days, I kind of have to combo up my days, which puts less stress on my body, but, the weird thing is I won’t feel the body pain until I head back to work, which is on Thursday.


But, with my workout days rotating the way they do, and it being Wednesday, 12AM as of this writing, my next day will be Friday morning after work, which isn’t bad at all. And don’t any of you wonderful readers worry, I will be keeping you posted on my results, even though I barely notice them myself, and have to rely on those who see me on a consistent basis. But, there have been some changes that I have noticed, most notably on my arms and legs, my legs have gotten a bit thinner and my muscles on my arms have gained a little bit of growth. Which is pretty cool, but, I am really awaiting the real change, which is when my body starts to slim down, and I go from “The Chubby Guy” to the slightly chunky guy… Yeah, I don’t think that would work for a title change for this weekly article, you know what I mean?

Well, either way, I will keep the title with the “Chubby Guy” moniker, because, well, it is the title of this article, and that is too many extra letters to add to the TFT, and all, and… Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

But, that is neither here nor there, and not exactly what you guys came to read, you fine people came here to look up the randomness that usually comes with this article, and that is my thoughts on everything going on in sports and the media today, this week, and so, ladies and gentlemen… Shall we begin?

Seems like last year’s NBA Finals isn’t going to repeat this year, as the Toronto Raptors and the Oklahoma City Thunder look to upset favorites the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Which is wild, considering everyone had the Cavs sweeping the Raptors, and Curry Chicken and crew roasting OKC on their way to a Finals rematch. It is insanity, and one of the best stories in sports today, because two teams that are still relatively fresh, even though Toronto has been around since 1995, but, OKC, originally the Seattle Super Sonics, are considered a new team. I cannot wait to see how this will play out.

Seems that attention is all on the NHL Eastern Conference Finals, and it looks like last year’s Stanley Cup Champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning have not been able to shut the door on the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have forced a game 7. This is the second time that the Lightning have failed to stop their opponents, who have pushed them to the brink, but, Tampa Bay is hoping that “Lightning” can strike twice, and they can return to the Stanley Cup Finals. Whether or not that can happen? Well, this is a really hungry Penguins team, and TB looks to have a crazy fight on their hands.

You know? I think it is pretty cool that Paige VanZant almost won “Dancing With The Stars” last night. Had she won, would that have made her a two sport star, since dancing is considered a competitive sport in the eyes of some?

So, word has come out in the last couple of days that WWE Superstar, The Big Red MachineKane, real name Glenn Jacobs, is debating running as a Republican candidate for mayor of a Knox County, in Knoxville, Tennessee, a place that he calls home. Now, this would make for the second time, it seems, that he has considered a run at politics, as he was apparently approached in 2013 by the Tea Party to potentially take on then incumbent US senator Lamar Alexander, though, nothing came of it. But, it looks like he might seriously make a run at it. Though, don’t quote him (or me, for that matter) on it. He won’t make his decision until after the presidential election in November. So, it’ll be awhile for him to make that decision. Well, if he does choose to run, I hope he has better luck than Linda McMahon, because… Damn, twice, Linda?? Really??

The New York Yankees… HAVE MOVED UP TO THIRD PLACE, BABY!! Yes, I am that excited, they were doing terrible all of the first month of the season, and at least for half of the second month, and while I wasn’t really worried about their progress in the standings (nevermind how my reaction to this is, I really wasn’t worried…Really!), I knew that they would make their all important moves up the standings. They’ll claim 1st soon enough. And THAT… Is when you will hear me gloat!


Speaking of wrestling, if you happened to see Extreme Rules this past Sunday, at the end of the main event, which saw the return of Seth Rollins, he was back to business the next night on RAW, where he came back full heel mode, where he first took in the fans’ appreciation for him coming back, only to turn on them, during the promo. Great stuff, and gives high hopes for the next month going forward.

Yesterday was my niece’s birthday, she’s a big girl, turned 8 years old, and was as happy as ever. We had fun, once she came home from school, finished her homework, she got to have cake, played Just Dance, and hung out with me and the rest of the family. And yes, we hung out with her Pusheen. Because… It’s Pusheen…

My niece, Pusheen, and I - TFTCG

Me thinks the only reason that Donald Trump got his endorsement from the National Rifle Association, is because he was able to get the high score in Duck Hunt… He went past level 99, and that, dear readers, is difficult!!.. Of course, he mostly paid someone to get to level 98, was handed the Nintendo gun, and he was lucky enough to get all of the ducks that flew out of the bush.

Yeah… It’s real in these streets…

And finally, it’s crazy that Cody Rhodes has asked to leave the WWE, but, if anyone who works hard and feels that they aren’t being utilized to their fullest potential, it is completely understandable as to why he chose to leave. Being used only as comedy relief, or just being added to matches as an extra body, it can wear on someone’s confidence, and with the way he left, I don’t think he left on bad terms with the company, so, there is always a possibility of a return in the future. I personally wish him good luck on whatever endeavors he chooses to take in the future.

Best of luck, Cody, I know you’ll make your family proud.

Well, this has been fun, dear readers, getting to share my thoughts with all of you, but, as I have said, I have to get going, to head to the gym and work on my overall conditioning, not just for my own good, but, also to maintain the promise I made to that wonderful little girl you see in the picture above. I said I wasn’t going anywhere, and I intend on making good on that promise.

So, to all of you amazing people, I would like to thank you, not only for reading this and all of my opinion articles, but, for also reading the work of this fine writing staff, who take their time to bring you the very best exclusives and scoops going on in the sports world. You readers are the reason we do this, and all of us are greatly appreciative of your readership. And, if you haven’t noticed, though, I doubt you haven’t, we have a new look!! And, now, for all of you independent wrestling companies, or fight leagues who would like to have your events promoted on our website, if there are major stories happening in your company, you guys can reach my department, the wrestling (WWE) department, as well as our MMA department (UFC) at the following email address:

Feel free to send us your news, and we will post it up here in the appropriate category. And yes, this is also for you wonderful readers who may have some suggestions for the site, corrections and the like, and yes, your email will be read, that you can trust.

But yes, I must start to get ready to head to the gym, and get my sweat on, because I need to lose this weight, it is kind of important. So, until next time, my friends, this is Gregory Black, and I am wishing you a great day, an easy rest of your week, and a very safe and relaxing weekend.

Until next time, dear readers, take care.

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