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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXIX: Broken Spectacles Spectacular.


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXIX: Broken Spectacles Spectacular.

Good morning, dear readers, this is your favorite neighborhood Chubby Guy, TSJ101 wrestling writer/guru/aficionado Gregory Black, and I’m here to bring you yet another edition of “Thoughts” (TFTCG for short).

Now, I know you guys are probably wondering about the title of this week’s edition, well… My glasses broke last night, while I was at my regular job. Had a half of a pallet of boxes fall, while we were unloading it, and it… Fell… On my face, knocking my glasses off, and breaking one of the arms off.

My face is fine, it didn’t hurt at all, but, I had to fix my glasses with tape. Needless to say, keeping the glasses from slipping was a challenge and annoying, as you can see…


So, I revert to my old pair, until I get a new pair. Do you like them?


Ah well, that can be taken care of later on today.. Along with my other errands. But, enough about me, let’s talk randomness, shall we?

So, the Vikings miss the playoffs by a missed field goal… Sounds oddly like part of the Giants’ season. Vikings’ fans, we feel your pain.

Speaking of The Giants, they bid farewell to their coach of 11 seasons, Tom Coughlin. Now, I realize that I’ve gotten on his case a good part of the time while this article has been in existence, not that out wasn’t for a good reason, but, I will be honest. I am appreciative of the two Super Bowl victories he led Big Blue to, but, it was his time to leave.

He might have lost his fire in the last few seasons, perhaps because things didn’t pan out, plays didn’t go as planned, but, by the end, you could see it in his mannerisms. That, and he sold his New Jersey home. Yeah, if that didn’t spell the end, I don’t know what would.

Speaking of endings, do you guys think we’ll see the Panthers finish off this season as Champions? Or, will it be a repeat of last year, with a New England victory, inspiring football fan apathy league wide? However it ends, let’s just be clear, Tom Brady will still annoy you, if you’re not a Pats fan.

Was that Kristaps Porzingis on the cover of “SLAM” Magazine? Interesting, besides Carmelo Anthony, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another Knick on the cover of the mag. Good going, kid.

Apparently, Lebron James isn’t very good at dodgeball.

It seems that a part of one of my Christmas gifts, Polo Association (not to be confused with Ralph Lauren’s “Polo” brand) socks, came with three pairs that match the team colors of (in succession), the Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the San Antonio Spurs. I can dig it.

New names are coming to the WWE, and yes, I’ll be reporting them later on in the day. Let’s just say one of those signings should be “Phenomenal”.

Speaking of the WWE, a big congrats to Sting being named the first inductee to this year’s Hall of Fame class. It’s something that has been a long time coming, and definitely well deserved.

To say that Kevin Owens didn’t have a stellar year would be a lie. He had a crazy rise, and I look forward to seeing what more could happen for him in the coming months.

I wonder if Tony Romo has one of those John Cena “The Champ is Here” shirts. Must make him feel special.

Rest in Peace to the Starman, David Bowie. You were a legend, not just because of your music, but because of the way you approached life and the ways of society. You will be missed.

Annoying is having your pet cat in heat trying to seduce you. Cat… Go away, it’ll never happen.

I’d like to send a special Happy Birthday to my lady. Hey birthday was on Sunday, and though our schedules conflict, we will be finally getting to celebrate tonight. Can’t wait.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could Chip Kelly?

I wonder what they do with all of the ice after hockey season is over. I hope they don’t sell it to vendors, I like my Piraguas, minus the blood and sweat.

And if you don’t know what a piragua is, it’s shaved ice.

Look, a free Spanish lesson. Where?! Where?!

I wonder if Michael Vick was ever invited to Snoop’s house?

Okay, Joey Ryan proves that co©k pushups do exist, that you Tenacious D.

Does Kobe Bryant have plans on staying in the league after he retires? If so, I hope he stays in the Lakers organization, helping them in a different aspect. Perhaps he will help them become a powerhouse all over again.

It’s a possibility.

Man, never put YouTube on when you’ve got to do something. It’s going to distract you, trust me.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to go back to attaining one of my goals this year, to get back into better shape. Next month, I begin my journey. Don’t you worry, I’ll keep all of you updated on my progress  

Along with my goals, we can all achieve our goals, with the right motivation, anything is possible, remember that. You are the market of your own destiny, now, get out and make things happen.

Dear readers, I thank you, for taking your time out in reading this article, paying mind to my thoughts and opinions. But, not only that, choosing this site,, as your source for everything sports. I hope that you continue to check our website out everyday. You find folks are the reason why we do this, without you, there would be no TSJ101. This is for you guys, and we thank you for staying with us.

Now, I’ve got to sign off, got to get some semblance of sleep, for there are things that need tending, as I stated earlier, and some rest is in need.

So, good morning, have a great day, an even better week, and an awesome weekend. This is Gregory Black, saying until next time, folks. Enjoy.

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