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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXVIII: New Year Goals


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXVIII: New Year Goals

Good morning, greetings, salutations, and Happy New Year to ask of you wonderful readers, this is Gregory Black, here to bring you yet another edition of TFTCG, which you can only find here, on

Wow, it’s only a few days into the new year, and so much has happened. Vince McMahon got “arrested” on Raw last week, this week, he was the special guest referee for the main event on this week’s Raw. The NFL regular season has finished off, and the postseason is about to be under way, Tom Brady is injured and he’s kinda questionable for the postseason.

And with his injury, it looks like the odds on favorites to win Super Bowl 50 would be the Carolina Panthers. Crazy, huh?

This change in the year seems to inspire a change in things we wouldn’t expect there to be, and that’s fine, but, between you and I, I look forward to it, because of the fact that, in a way, it’s a clean slate, a means to start all over, and begin anew.

And, that’s what inspired this week’s edition.

Last year was quite an eye opener for me, the status of my health changed drastically, after coming on as part of TSJ101’s writing team, I had a short stay in the hospital in February. It was there that I learned that I had a heart condition, my blood pressure was extremely high, and I was walking around with bronchitis. Yeah, it was bad, really bad.

Well, in the couple of days I stood there, I learned what I had to do, besides the obvious proper diet and exercise, taking necessary steps to ensure that I would be alright.

Before the hospital stay, I became a part of TSJ101, after the owner, Whip, tweeted me shortly after the Super Bowl. Quite literally after the game wrapped, Ha!

After the first story, that was it, I became part of the team, and the rest is history on that part. One of the better parts of the year, honestly, one of the best.

And, while the year had its successes, it had its harsh times, like when I lost my brothers Black and Gory, Black in April, and Gory two days before my birthday, those were two blows to the heart that still sting to the core. They will for a long time, I know that.

But, at the beginning of the year, I did something different from what others do, I didn’t have a resolution. And the reason why is because resolutions aren’t that easy to keep, they can be annoying, almost as annoying as that phrase “New Year, New Me”.


Now, I know, resolutions are just goals for the year to try and accomplish, and that is true, however, just making goals, as opposed to having goals set in mind. Goals are things you can have in mind at all times, it can drive you to push harder, it can motivate you to do better, to become greater than you thought possible.

This is something that for years, I’ve had a bit of difficulty keeping, setting a small number of goals that, at first, seemed easy to keep, things like working out more, reading more, seeing my friends and family more often. However, maintaining these goals (resolutions, obviously), proved to be more challenging than originally thought.

When taking into consideration my work schedule, plus taking care of random errands, it became tedious to try and do exactly what I resolved to do.

So, for a few years, I chose not to have any resolutions, which was… Easy. Without making any resolutions, I really didn’t have to worry about not keeping up with my resolution, as.. There was none to keep.

But, as I’ve gotten older, I decided to change my mind, and start setting goals for myself, little things that, with the right amount of commitment, could be achieved without a problem.

The little things worked out, spending more time with my family, going out more, meeting new people, it was all of a small build to working on bigger and more challenging goals.

Last year, my goal was to work on bettering my health… Oddly enough, it became the year that I wound up in the hospital, and was essentially forced to work on my health. Well, at least I was able to keep my goal, you know, dying isn’t part of the plan.

This year, my goals are to continue to work on bettering my overall health, working on getting back to what I used to do, and to do my part in helping my community.

It’s what I look forward to doing, trying to make these things happen, not just for myself, but for others, because while doing for self is important, doing for others is better for all.

And in that, I hope that all of you take some time to think about what goals you have set for yourselves this year, and how to achieve them in the coming months. The first step to reaching greatness is to make the first step count, and I know that I won’t be alone in making things happen this year.

With that, dear readers, I say this, thank you, all of you, for reading this and all of the other articles here, on ThaSportsJunkies101. I, and the rest of the team, hope that you guys continue to choose us as your source for all things sports media. And, hope you guys are ready, because this writing team has many cool things to bring in the next few months. So be sure to keep an eye out, so you don’t miss any of it.

So, dear readers, this is Gregory Black, hoping that you have a great day, an awesome week, and an even better year. Happy New Year to you all, and have a great one.

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