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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXI: Well… There You Go.


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXI: Well… There You Go.

Good morning, or afternoon, or even evening (depending on when you are reading this), this is TSJ101 wrestling writer/guru/aficionado Gregory Black, here again to bring you yet another edition of your favorite morning coffee/lunch time/leisure time read, “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”, or TFTCG, for short.

And what a wild and unpredictable weekend we had here in the sports world, capped off by the Carolina Panthers beating the Arizona Cardinals to head to Super Bowl 50, and wouldn’t you know it? They’ll be meeting the Denver Broncos, who once again (for the second time this season) knocked off the New England Patriots.

In the wrestling world, fans were abuzz after AJ Styles finally debuted in the WWE, coming out as the number 3 participant in the 2016 Royal Rumble match, making a strong impression on the WWE Universe, as he lasted a whopping 30 minutes, facing the heavy hitters of the WWE, including former World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

He would eventually be eliminated by another major talent in the ‘E, someone who made a huge splash of his own in 2015, of course, I’m referring to Kevin Owens. After the elimination, the Internet Wrestling Community (Universe included) were practically salivating at the chance to see a feud between Styles and Owens, and if rumours are correct, they may just have that big one on one at WrestleMania 32.

Now, speaking of WrestleMania, usually, the winner of the Royal Rumble takes on the WWE Champ at Mania (as is tradition), but this year might be different, as for the second time in the history of the WWE, a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned, as Triple H, the number 30 participant in the Rumble match, won, becoming the new Champ.

That hasn’t happened in the WWE since 1992, when Triple H’s good friend & WWE Hall of Famer, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair went into the Rumble for the then vacant WWF World Championship.

Of course, the odds weren’t against one particular person in that occurrence, it was an even playing field for everyone involved, unlike this year’s, which pitted the Champion against practically the entire roster. This was “The Authority” playing the odds against Reigns, someone with whom ol’ Trips would consistently say was undeserving of the championship.

Now, if you’re into a good story, and you know, for me, I’m into some good ones, what the ‘E is doing here is, in my honest opinion, intelligent booking. Now, before you go closing your browser, or saying “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!!” to your screen, hear me out.

The vast majority of WWE fans like Reigns, and this is true, but, they don’t “like him” like him, they like him in small increments, as odd as that may sound. He’s not the greatest wrestler, clearly, at least that’s what is shown, but, the Reigns character has one defining thing that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can stand behind.

Reigns has heart, the character portrayed has a “never-say-die” attitude, with a “sky’s the limit” approach when it comes to him attacking a challenge.

It’s an admirable thing, but, much like what they did with John Cena, it’s come across to almost a sufferable point, and fans don’t generally want to be told “This is your new ‘it’ guy”, no, they want to be able to grow with a wrestler they follow, to see them go from point A to point B, and everything they had to go through for it.

Granted, fans got that with Cena, but, you kind of can’t blame them for not liking him, anytime you looked, he was the champ, but, what fans don’t seem to realize is that Cena essentially saved the wrestling business in the mid-2000s. Wrestling was quickly losing out to the rise of MMA, and Cena was, actually, a viable face for the WWE, but also became the saving grace for the wrestling business in general, by keeping people interested. Women loved him, kids looked up to him, men, especially fitness buffs, admired his work ethic and work rate.

And it seems again, that the WWE is trying to do that, with Reigns in the mix. But wrestling, this time, doesn’t need to be saved, any one person can become a star now, and carry the business… Okay, maybe not any one, but, there is a decent number of folks who can take charge and help evolve the business yet again.

We should get back to what I was originally talking about, which was Reigns. The thing is, people loved Reigns when he was chasing the title, albeit, not everybody, but a good number loved it, and once he finally got the belt? Well, I think lackluster would be a perfect assessment of Reigns’ reign.

When Triple H won the title at the Rumble, it gave the company an opportunity to start fresh with Reigns, giving him a chance to chase for his third time as champ, and giving him, truthfully, a challenge with the right amount of prestige that could take him and his career to the moon.

Think about it, Triple H, in his own regard, is now a 14-time World Champion, future (possibly 3-time) Hall of Famer (individual induction, and if the WWE opts to induct “The Kliq” and Degeneration X), and is the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE. With all of that, the idea of Reigns beating Trips for the championship would launch him into a better positioning, at least what the company is going for, with the fans.

It’s almost the same thing as with, what was mentioned earlier, the Super Bowl. I’m pretty sure the bigwigs in the NFL were hoping to see the two most dominant teams this season finally face off at 50, seeing the Panthers taking on the Pats would have been awesome, as it would have been the classic battle of experience vs hunger.

However, Peyton Manning and the Broncos had a different idea, defeating Brady and the Pats to secure a spot in the big game.

So now, here we are, the same battle, experience vs hunger, as a Super Bowl vet tries to lead his team against a very hungry young quarterback and his squad. Still a marquee matchup, but, not necessarily the one everyone wanted to see. In the end, it’ll come down to who wants it more, and who can last longer, and I’m not picking anyone, because this is a game where no matter who wins, both sides truly win, even though only one gets the trophy.

If I need to explain that last part, experience is won, because experience can help you plan for the next run.

But, enough about that, folks, it is getting too late on the morning, and I do need to get some semblance of rest, ha. Got plenty of errands to run, and never enough time to do it, so, dear readers, I humbly thank you, not only for reading my thoughts and opinions, but, also for supporting this awesome writing staff, by reading all of the articles on

Until next time, readers, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a happy and safe day, a better rest of your week, and an incredible weekend ahead. See you around, everybody!

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