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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXII: My Words Give Your Mind A “Chubby”.


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXII: My Words Give Your Mind A “Chubby”.

Good morning, or afternoon, or even evening (depending on when you are reading this, dear readers), this is your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer, Gregory Black, bringing to you yet another edition of your morning coffee? No, this is TFTCG, folks!

What an interesting week, so far, we had our first real voting event of the year, and boy, did it ever surprise people. We have the Super Bowl coming up in a few days, we had the Pro Bowl this past weekend, and I’m working on a tan… Okay, I’m not really working on a tan, Ha, that’s wishful thinking, but, I am getting prepared for this weekend, big game is coming up, and you know the TSJ101 crew is going to be full on with reports and predictions leading up to 50.

Currently, as of this writing, I’m actually waiting to be seen to get my taxes done, looking forward to getting this out of the way, so that I won’t have to worry about it for another year. And, with all these added forms and such, it can be confusing, but, I sit here to get them done by someone who knows what they’re doing, and isn’t going to overcharge me to get them done.

But, I’m pretty sure you fine readers didn’t open this article to hear about me and getting my taxes done, you ladies and gentlemen came here to read my thoughts and opinions, so, without further adieu, here we go!

So I hear that Donald Trump lost the Iowa Caucus on Monday, but his hair, on the other hand, was slightly ahead of him, although they both lost to Ted Cruz. And I think Ted Cruz won only because of the fact that he kind of resembles Bill Murray when he was playing “Peter Venkman” in “Ghostbusters 2”.

Maybe, it’s just me.

Speaking of Ghostbusters 2, I heard Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied it on Monday, although, I’m pretty sure based on the votes, Hillary might have won, and is it me? Or does Hillary kind of look like “Vigo the Carpathian” when she smiles?

If you didn’t find that Tom Brady meme where he speaks about his wife and he’s crying, saying “and my wife said ‘Omaha’” funny, then I don’t know man!

Looks like she called an audible.

So it seems the career of Miami-based rapper “Flo-Rida” is essentially over, after popular hip hop mag “XXL Magazine” officially declared Bo Dallas aka “Bo-Rida”, the winner of their rap battle on Monday Night Raw last week. Must be tough on Flo-Rida, considering he was a “serious” rapper. (Got the hint of sarcasm?)

Racists took to Twitter recently to complain about Cam Newton being in the Super Bowl and you know? In their complaints, the only thing I can say is silly bigots, racism is for losers!

I would love to hear a conversation between WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross and NFL legend John Madden.

I see the Kansas City Royals are trying to recreate that infamous Pokémon seizure debacle from many years ago.

So, I’m awaiting the rumour that the San Francisco 49ers will have red and gold barf bags as part of their fan memorabilia this season, in anticipation of Chip Kelly‘s run as coach.

I hear CM Punk got a high rating in the upcoming UFC video game. Now, is that in trash talking, or fighting?

So what, Brock Lesnar has “Suplex City”?! Get me some Oreos, “DUPLEX CITY, BIOTCH!!

Alberto Del Rio feuding with Kalisto for the United States Championship recently must’ve driven Donald Trump crazy.

“The Hurricane“ Shane Helms chasing the TNA X-Division Championship is what’s best for business.

Joey Ryan is going to become one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business in 2016, just watch.

You should check out “House of Glory Wrestling”, they’ve got major things going on, including a wrestler named “Mantequilla”. Watch the kid, skills as smooth as butter.

Pete Rose will probably finally get into the Baseball Hall of Fame posthumously… Probably. Much like the way Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith will win Oscars, sadly.

George Carlin was way ahead of his time when it came to the way of the world. God rest his soul.

With everything that has been going on recently, where in the hell is Paul Mooney and why hasn’t he become the social consciousness that he’s always meant to have been?

Alicia Fox is hot, sort of like eating habanero peppers in a Lamborghini, while doing 400 down an empty freeway.

And not a bottle of water for miles.

And finally, speaking of water, it saddens me to know that my fellow Americans in Flint and St. Joseph are suffering because of the incompetence of government officials, turning a blind eye to decaying pipes, essentially poisoning the drinking supply of each city. Things like this are why people need to wake up and realize that we are these officials’ bosses, and not other way around.

Yes, we vote for them, we put them in office, but, once they are there, it is our responsibility to make sure that they do their jobs to fullest extent, without letting things like the poisoning of essential drinking water to happen. Rick Snyder and his staff need to be arrested and brought to trial for the atrocity that befell the city of Flint, Michigan. Much the same can be said of the officials of St. Joseph, Louisiana, who allowed the decaying of the water system for more than a decade.

At least in Flint, you can kind of see through the water, can’t drink it, but, you can still see through it, you really can’t say that of the water in St. Joseph.

So, I hope that in reading this, it inspires you to take a real hard look at your officials, pay attention to what they are doing, and even closer attention to what they aren’t doing. Because if a blind eye is turned to them, they, in turn, will turn a blind eye towards you and your community. A community that stands together, stand strong, and when atrocities like this happen, we need to stand in unity, and help our fellow man.

I thank you, as always, for not only reading my article, but, all of the articles written by this amazing staff, who can only be found here, on

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a great day, an awesome rest of the week, and a relaxing weekend ahead.

So long, everyone.

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