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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXIV: Filling The Void… With Girth.


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXIV: Filling The Void… With Girth.

Good morning, afternoon or evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is TSJ101 wrestling writer, Gregory Black, here yet again to bring you the weekly goodness that is TFTCG, out “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”.

Now, last week, I took a little bit of a hiatus from writing the TFTCG, and though I did promise to write it, I was overwhelmed with some things in my personal life, nothing major, but, it did need my attention. I do apologize for it, but, I promise to make it up to you dear readers.

Now, the last edition was a particularly serious one, dealing with sports and race, and do understand that it won’t be the last one, I don’t plan on doing one for some time, though, as I am well aware that it can be perceived as stirring up “trouble”, although, the owner of the site has given me full leeway to express myself here, and has encouraged me to speak my mind freely.

Honestly, I know you fine folks look to this article as a means to unwind, and though I look to inspire thought and conversation, I also like to make you wonderful people laugh, tickling your funny bone, when I can.

So, this week, I’m going to try to take it easy on the serious stuff, but, I make no promises that it won’t sneak in.

Let’s begin, shall we?

So, it seems that this week on Monday Night Raw, Triple H attacked Roman Reigns, who became the number 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Fastlane. Fan video caught a glimpse of Byron Saxton handing something to Reigns just moments before he was revealed to have been busted open.

While fans were debating over whether he was handed a blade or a blood caplet, I simply looked at it and said “THAT’S THE WRONG WAY TO DYE YOUR HAIR, ROMAN!!

Jesus Christ, how long is it going to take for the update for GTA V to load onto my system? It’s been an hour, just about, and it’s only at 13%!!

Baseball season is close to beginning, as the teams have started their spring training. After seeing the sights and sounds videos of week 1 some of the teams, I can honestly say that I’m excited.

Why won’t Kanye West just sit down, take a breather, sip a pint, and really think about his situation? As much of a douche as the guy can be, I’m still not truly crazy about seeing someone melt down the way he is starting to. He needs to meditate, find his center, then think clearly about handling his financial situation.

Or, he could just tweet me (@GregNecroBlack on Twitter), I could set him on the straight and narrow.

So, there was one sports site (can’t remember which one it was, no lie, otherwise, I’d give credit where credit was due), stated that any one of the five teams that could win the Fall Classic this year were The Royals (again), The Mets, The Blue Jays, The Rangers and The Giants. Truth be told, they aren’t wrong.

The Royals looked incredibly strong last year, and look to repeat this year. The Mets look to do what KC did last year in routing them, learn from the mistakes of the previous year and win it all.

The Jays always look strong, especially in September and October, so, they are ALWAYS a threat. The Rangers have shown glimmers of promise the last couple of seasons, and with a power packed rotation, especially with the returning Yu Darvish coming back in May, they could finally bring it home to Arlington.

And then, there’s The Giants, and yes, it’s that other year, the even year, and their thing is making it happen “Every Other Year”. So, let’s see if it happens THIS year.

But, I’m still rooting for The Yankees… What? I’m from The Bronx, they’re my hometown team.

The last few weeks have been crazy in the wrestling world, from Daniel Bryan retiring, to Brian “Axl Rotten” Knighton passing away, to Brian “Blue Meanie” Heffron’s mother passing on (my deepest condolences to both the family of Axl and to Blue Meanie’s family, as well, may Axl and “Mama Meanie” both have a safe journey in the next life, and may it be ever blessed), to Joey Ryan getting engaged to his girlfriend… In the middle of their match. Congrats, Joey.

I cannot stress how weird the wrestling world can be, but, in times of pain and times of happiness, we can be united as family, whether we like each other at times, or not.

Most times, we don’t, well, only a few of us, really.

The update moved up to 15%… Ugh…

Can someone tell these damned Scientologists to leave me alone already?! I don’t want to join their cult, sheesh! You buy one book to see what the hoopla is all about, and all of a sudden, they’re trying to recruit you to drink the kool aid! No! Leave me alone!!!

Having seen the AJ Styles vs Kevin (Owens) Steen match from House of Hardcore in 2014 made me really hopeful that they get to feud, and have a match at WrestleMania 32. That one might just steal the show, if it happens.

Speaking of show stealers, Shinsuke Nakamura is officially a part of the WWE, after having signed earlier this week with the company. So it shouldn’t be long before we see him in action.

Can’t wait!

I want the “Godzingis” shirt.

Politics… What a work.

Apparently, the writer of “Idiocracy” has said that his movie has officially turned into a documentary. The election hasn’t even been done yet, but, with Donald Trump getting state caucus wins like he has been getting, we’re getting there dangerously fast.

Ugh… 21%…

So happy to have found those Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony tracks from the “Strength and Loyalty” album. Wind Blow and Flowmotion 2 are epic.


I wonder if Tiger Woods likes Frosted Flakes.

Are they really going to remake “Mrs. Doubtfire” with Jonah Hill taking the lead role? Seriously? Can Hollywood stop it with the remakes and make something good and original?

Speaking of good and original, I’m hearing mixed reviews for “Gods of Egypt”. The action is supposed to be good, but, it’s historically inaccurate for quite a few reasons. Mostly, the leads.


The Golden State Warriors got to 50 wins this week, in quick fashion, too. They keep this up, they will be in the finals again this season.

Are the New York Rangers a threat, once again?

Speaking of Kevin Owens, he is a genius on the mic, but, if you didn’t already know this, you are late!


Guess who has two thumbs, and will be getting both “Destiny” and “Destiny: The Fallen King”? This guy!!

I’m completely disgusted by the news of the crowd of people who pulled a baby dolphin out of the sea, so they could take a selfie with it. Humanity at its worse, ladies and gentlemen.


Shopping around for gyms, might go back to “Planet Fitness”, since my work schedule is a night shift, and I get out late, at times. I really need to get back to focusing on my health, not only for myself, but, to see my nieces and nephews grow up and make me a great-uncle.

And maybe have some kids of my own, you know?

41%, and it’s a big file… Ugh…

I really wonder who they’ll have as the Super Bowl Halftime Show performer this upcoming year. I also wonder what kind of controversy will they stir up.

Better not be Justin Bieber, or it’ll annoy the hell out of the crowd.

Competitive turtle racing is still more of a sport than curling.

Troma is classic cinema.

Still at 41%…

The Olympics this year will take place in Rio, and I can tell you this, it might be wild this year, especially with the world being as it is, I wonder if they’ll add the event “Competitive Debt Collecting”?

Slender Man could totally dunk over Blake Griffin.

If they made a remake of Space Jam, would it be an improvement?

Does Stephen Curry like Indian food?

Still at 41%, the file itself is at 4%…ARRRRGH!!

Well, I guess I should finish with this, fine readers, it is fun to write for you lovely people. And, because sometimes, we have had some technical issues before, we should be opening up a second site, for the just in case. But, don’t take my word for it, not just yet, anyway. Once the details have been finalized, once they’ve been confirmed to me, I’ll let all of you know what is happening, because you folks are important to us, without you, there is no us. And we dearly thank you for it.

So, until next time, this is Gregory Black, wishing you all a wonderful day, awesome rest of the week, and a very safe and relaxing weekend. Take care, everyone.

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