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TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXV: Can You Brain Shart? I Think So…


TSJ101 Opinion: Thoughts From The Chubby Guy XXXV: Can You Brain Shart? I Think So…

Good evening/morning/afternoon (depending on when you get to read this), this is wrestling writer and opinion columnist, Gregory Black, and I am here to bring you yet another edition of TFTCG. What an interesting week this has been, well, last couple of weeks. You know? There have been a few crazy things going on in the world these days. Much like the usual, but, with the way things have been going on, it’s getting to the point where the grey area is starting to dissipate, and the little bit of unity we have is now fading terribly.

It’s weird, because we are in a political year, the presidency is up for grabs, and the ugliness of statism, racism, and class warfare is at the forefront of the race for the White House. Now, I know that I, myself, has fallen into that fold, as well, but, the truth of the matter is this, I personally want to see everyone taken care of, young and old. And, when it comes to candidates, as it should always be, I tend to lean more towards those who share the same views as myself. The intriguing thing is that when it comes to our president, people tend to be easily swayed by the perception given to them by the media, and not just any arm of the media, the mainstream media that is readily available to any and all who happen to have access to a remote control or an app.

CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, they all have the same agenda when it comes to giving you, the public, the news: ratings, ratings, ratings, and unimportant dribble. Perfect example: a month or so back, the issue with the drinking water in Flint, MI was barely seeing the light of day on any one of the news networks, yet, Donald Trump spewing more nonsense to his followers was getting up to the minute features left and right. It was so bad that it took those on social media and the few actual concerned independent writers (such as myself) to generally force the networks’ hands, and get them to finally bring that horror into the public eye.

And while that is going on, more and more cases of police brutality go unnoticed by the networks, the guys who make good cops look bad don’t get any press, well, except for one, and it was one that I naturally don’t agree with at all. One rookie, ROOKIE officer was sentenced to serve a 15-year sentence for making a fatal rookie mistake, which resulted in the life of Akai Gurley being taken. The NYPD essentially threw this rookie under the bus, for something that, while should be answered for, didn’t serve the purpose of fixing the problems of police brutality in this country. It isn’t something that can be fixed overnight, but, it is something that could be worked on better than having cops who speak out against department abuses of power and shady practices from being laid off, or from some officers taking it too aggressive against passive citizens, who just want to know why they are being stopped or pursued.

Or, the continually growing number of military veterans who put life and limb on the line for the country to only go and turn a blind eye to them, leading to increased numbers of homeless, on top of the already ridiculous number of homeless in the streets that were there in the first place. Or, getting back on the subject of drinking water, the drought crisis of California, and how Nestle was taking from the reserves of that state, and now has a lawsuit pending against them. These are all things that would make more sense for the public to know and be informed about, however, it seems the networks believe that the public knowing that Kanye West being a few million in the hole is more important than that.

Obviously, it’s not.

But, if it concerns the health of the people, and not enough to garner a real big number of ratings, it won’t get press, and that is wrong. I, for one, don’t agree with it, bringing that news to people may actually inspire people to help out, and helping your fellow man is not a bad thing to do, especially in this day and age, it would probably make this place a little more enjoyable to live in, don’t you think?

Sorry about my little tangent, but, it is something that I honestly feel strongly about, and trust me when I say that I have no problem voicing, or rather, typing my opinion out. Obviously.

Well, let me speak about a couple of things in the media that caught my eye and I found thought provoking, because…This is, and we’re all about the sports, haha:

Okay, I’m glad that AJ Styles is so well received in the WWE, in the short amount of time he has been there, but, could Bubba Ray Dudley at least show him how to do that spinning running man dance he used to do in ECW? It looked like AJ was attempting a stanky leg, and looked more like he was impersonating a slightly broken slinky.

Milwaukee Brewers‘ outfield prospect David Denson recently came out to his teammates that he was gay, and was welcomed by his teammates with open arms. Big shout out to “The Brew Crew” for showing solidarity and good sportsmanship amongst teammates.

Alright, I’ve got to say it, because everyone’s thinking it, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and NXT Champion Finn Balor are the cutest couple in wrestling right now, behind Joey Ryan and Ryan’s now fiance, Laura James. If you still haven’t seen Ryan’s proposal during his match against his fiance, you can see it here:

Congrats, Joey and Laura!

Who else is going to see “Finding Dory“? I’ve been waiting 13 years to see what happened to that crazy fish. Although, I hear The Iron Sheik may want to do a cameo, and curse the clown fish for reminding him of “B Brian Blair“.

It isn’t delivery, it’s JOHN CENA!!!

You know? I’ve been debating doing a little contest for the “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy” column, however, I would have to speak it over with the owners of the site, so, stay tuned.

Triple H looks like that one angry uncle who feels the need to show his rebellious nephew a thing or two about being a man.


I want a piece of that epic pernil that Yoenis Cespedes is about to have, after he bought a prized pig for $7000. That ham is gonna be fantastic!

And finally, I’m awaiting the day that the internet takes that one Dusty Rhodes comment about the bicycle, and adds Freddie Mercury to the mix. That day will come soon.

Well, dear readers, it’s been fun, I humbly thank each and every one of you for not only taking the time to read my ramblings, but, for also reading the fantastic work that this great writing staff puts out every day, here, on I, along with the rest of the staff are very thankful for your readership, and hope to continue to be your choice for everything sports news and media.

Until next week, folks, this is Gregory Black, wishing you a great day, a lovely end of the week and an awesome weekend. Have a great one, dear readers!

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