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TSJ101 Training Camp Edition: Over Shaun Hill – Minnesota Vikings

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In the 2015 NFL season, 18 of the 32 opening day starting quarterbacks managed to stay healthy the entire season.

This qualifies as one of the healthier seasons for signal callers, but even so, 14 teams had to look to their designated clipboard holder to attempt to keep them competitive while Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Andy Dalton, amongst others were sidelined due to injury.

These numbers suggest that there is a 44% chance that a team will have to call upon their backup quarterback to start at least one game, and presumptively finish the game that the starter suffered the injury during.

Currently, the back-up quarterback for the Minnesota  Vikings is Shaun Hill.

Last year in the week 9 matchup against the St. Louis Rams, Teddy Bridgewater threw the state of Minnesota into hysteria when he ended a play in the fourth quarter requiring help from the trainers to get off the field.

Up until that point in the season, the Vikings appeared to be playoff-bound, but the fans looked on in horror realizing that no matter how well-rounded the rest of the team is, all of the hopes and aspirations of the 2015 season wouldn’t necessarily come to fruition with Teddy Bridgewater as quarterback, but would undoubtedly vanish without him.

After Teddy was injured, Shaun Hill came in and thrust the offense into complete stagnation. Although he played the entire fourth quarter, and five minutes in overtime, he finished with a stat line of 2 for 6 for 16 yards, indicating the coaches’ blatant lack of confidence in his abilities to throw the ball.

Without Bridgewater, the Rams stacked the box, pressed our wide receivers preventing any quick decisions by Hill, resulting in complete paralysis of the Viking offense.

Last Thursday in the Vikings‘ second preseason game, Zimmer rocked the ship (Vikings travel in ships, not boats) by not letting Teddy Bridgewater see the field (claiming it was a coach’s decision and didn’t have anything to do with discipline or injury).

This presented our back-up quarterback an opportunity to show that should Teddy go down at any point during the season, our team won’t be completely doomed.

Shaun Hill played the entire first half against a mixed bag of Seahawks defensive starters and reserves and finished with a stat line of 10/17 for 129 yards and 0 touchdowns.

Hill repeatedly underthrew receivers and checked the ball down all the while showing off his lack of arm strength which looked incapable of throwing anything other than a wobbling touch pass.

With a tougher schedule this year, the Packers presumptively being back to normal with the return of Jordy Nelson, and the entire NFC shaping up to be a dogfight for playoff spots, there will be no meaningless games this year for the Minnesota Vikings.

Using last year’s numbers, there is about a 40% chance (not taking into account the inconsistent performance of our O-line) that Teddy will miss at least one start, in which case we would turn to Shaun (Over the) Hill to lead our offense down the field.

With a maturing defense, an improved offensive line, and an offense brimming with weapons, it’s a shame that this tower of meticulously chosen players could come falling to the ground should Teddy Bridgewater be removed from the equation.

Michael Vick is still a free agent. Just saying.