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TSJ101 WWE Injury Report


TSJ101 WWE Injury Report

It looks as if the WWE has yet another name to add to the injured reserve list, as numerous reports have said that Bray Wyatt suffered an injury during a WWE Live event in Milan, Italy last night. This, of course, comes on the heels of the scare they had this past Tuesday, when it was believed that AJ Styles had suffered a neck injury during a match with Alberto Del Rio on this week’s Smackdown taping.

Wrestling Inc. reported that it was first believed that Styles suffered the injury, which was confirmed by another correspondent of theirs who also attended the show. However, shortly after the show, Styles took to Twitter to reassure the WWE Universe that he was not injured, tweeting:

Reports are stating that Wyatt suffered what appeared to be either a foot or ankle injury during the main event of last night’s event against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. W.I. reader Dani Di sent their account of what happened, which read:

“I was live in Milan for the match and it looked very bad, Wyatt looked like he wanted to continue but absolutely could not. The look on his face indicated a lot of pain. The injury happened when Reigns and Wyatt were fighting in the corner and went to break. Wyatt backed off and just slipped wrong, went down and it was clear he was hurt. It was just a freak injury, no one to blame. Medics ran down and were tending to him but didn’t spend a lot of time before helping him to the back. Reigns clearly looked lost and they went to an “All Against One” match to finish.”

The WWE would later confirm that the injury was indeed a calf injury. As of yet, there is no say as to whether Wyatt will need time off to heal, but, if the injury is as bad as believed, he may miss the upcoming “Payback” PPV. We will bring you more updates, when available.

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