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TSJ101’s Better Draft Selection: Dak Prescott Or Ezekiel Elliott

Which rookie was the better selection? KEITH ALLISON VIA FLICKR


Is Prescott Or Elliott The Better Draft Selection From 2016 NFL Draft?

It’s obvious that the Dallas Cowboys struck gold in the 2016 NFL Draft with their first and fourth round picks. Ezekiel Elliott was the fourth overall selection in this year’s draft as the Cowboys wanted to make a splash with an exciting young talent. Later in the fourth round, possibly the most important selection for years to come was made. Dallas chose Dak Prescott after many failed attempts at snagging a quarterback earlier in the draft. Things have since worked out well for the Cowboys as the two rookies have led them to a historic start.

Looking further down the road one question begs to be asked; which player was the better and smarter selection? Both players have changed and impacted this franchise in numerous ways. Ezekiel Elliott has already broken a few records in the running game. Dak Prescott set an NFL record earlier in the season for most attempts without an interception. Elliott and Prescott have exploded onto the NFL scene.

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I Believe Prescott was the better selection due to the importance of the position he plays. Even last season the Cowboys had an effective running game and only won four games. Much of the blame was rightfully placed on the poor quarterback play. Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel combined for one win the entire year. That is just pitiful. Obviously the Cowboys didn’t plan on Prescott playing this year, let alone replacing Tony Romo with him. That selection in fourth round has already dramatically changed the future of the franchise. Dallas had attempted to draft several other quarterbacks, including Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook, and Christian Hackenberg. Prescott fell right into their lap and he has out played the other rookie quarterbacks in his class.

Now I’m not saying that Elliott wasn’t a great draft pick as he’s taken the NFL by storm this season with some help from his surrounding talent. He’s an athletic freak and contains every skill an organization would want in a running back. He really is the complete package. Just looking down the road, if the Cowboys had to pick one of these guys I believe that guy would be Prescott. Running backs don’t last as long in the league with all the physical contact they endure over a career. Solidifying a serviceable and possibly a franchise quarterback is the best situation to be in. The Cowboys have two amazing rookies on their hands and things couldn’t have worked out any better than they have thus far.

Dak Prescott isn’t just here winning games solely because of the talent around him. What stands out about Dak and what makes him so impressive is the way he conducts himself and how he protects the football. Many rookies come into the league and struggle early as they begin growing as players. Prescott acts and plays like a five year vet. He doesn’t panic during plays or commit turnovers. Honestly that has been the story of how Dallas is winning so many games. They don’t commit nearly as many turnovers or penalties as they have in the past. This all begins with the quarterback, and that’s Dak Prescott. He sets the tone at the beginning of each and every game. Dak Prescott is the most valuable and important selection for Dallas from the 2016 draft.