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TSJ101’s WWE WrestleMania 32 Live Report


TSJ101’s WWE WrestleMania 32 Live Report

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Gregory Black here, and after posting my predictions report from earlier in the day, I will be live reporting WrestleMania 32 for all of those who aren’t able to watch the show, and give you an overview of the matches tonight, from the Kickoff Show, to the main event.

At the moment, the arena is filling up, as the Kickoff Show is under way.

The interview with Paul Heyman was definitely a good way to hype the upcoming street fight between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose.

They are now highlighting the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

(US Championship) Kalisto vs. Ryback

The United States Title match is kicking off the show, with Kalisto coming into the ring to thunderous applause. Now, Ryback is making his way to the ring, and the fans are actually going wild for “The Big Guy”.

Kalisto with a quick attack, but, Ryback is using his size and power against the smaller Kalisto, Kalisto hits a bulldog off the top, and gets a two count. Ryback is on the attack after Kalisto misses a huge attack. Ryback military presses Kalisto into the ring, then continues his overbearing attack on the champ.

Ryback continues his attack, but Kalisto shows some life, delivering kicks to Ryback, only to get knocked down by The Big Guy. Ryback smells blood, and is still coming at the champ, but the champ is showing some fight. Kalisto gets knocked down again, going to the top, but Big Guy catches him, setting up for a stalling superplex, only for a reversal. Kalisto going on the offensive, looks to get a pin, but to no avail, Ryback is back on the defensive, and taking control.

Kalisto reversing everything Ryback is throwing at him, hitting Salina Del Sol for the 1-2-3! Kalisto retains. (Correct Prediction)

Total Divas vs Team B.A.D. and Blonde

The Kickoff Show has come back, and is now broadcasting on the USA Network, as they prepare for the next match. Mauro Ranallo, Byron Saxton and Jerry “The King” Lawler calling the action. Team Total Divas is coming down to the ring for the 10-Diva tag team match to the fans’ delight. Now, Team B.A.D. and Blonde are on their way to the ring.

Alicia Fox and Summer Rae starting off, and both are tearing into each other, Fox nearly scores a pinfall on Rae. Now both teams are back in the ring. We come back to Eva Marie and Emma squaring off in the ring, and Eva has taken the upper hand on Emma. Eva gives a hard tag to Natalya, who comes in, but gets hit hard by Emma, who drags her to Team BAD’s corner, tagging Naomi in. Naomi giving a fight to Natalya, but Nattie gets a tag to Paige, who hits a “Hart Attack” on Naomi. Paige taking it to Naomi, who turns it around and tags in Emma, who is now on the attack on Paige.

Lana gets tagged in, and continues her attack on Paige, and taunts the Divas, mostly Brie Bella. Tamina tagged in and hits Paige with a suplex for a two count. Tamina is using her size and strength on Paige, which gets the fans to cheer on Paige, Tamina takes her to the corner, as Naomi goes to double superplex her off the top. Natalya comes in for the save, and the momentary distraction gives Paige a chance to recover, as she first knocks Naomi down, then Tamina, before delivering a splash to Team BAD.

Paige fighting to get the tag, and finally gets to tag Brie in, who goes for broke against Naomi, going for the pin, to have it get broken up. Everyone is hitting their opponents with big moves, with it going back to Brie and Naomi back in the ring. Brie tries to hit her finisher, for it to be stopped by Naomi. Brie goes to the top, to get knocked down by Lana. Naomi trying to finish Brie off, but, Brie reverses to the YES Lock, submitting Naomi for the victory.

Nikki Bella comes to the ring, wearing a neck brace, to celebrate with the Divas. (Incorrect Prediction)

Lita comes out to announce the new WWE Women’s Championship, which looks like the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but, much nicer.

The Usos vs The Dudley Boyz

The Usos come out to a great applause by the Dallas crowd, wearing leis. Now The Dudley Boyz are out to a huge reaction, and we are under way, with both teams going at it, but isolating one of the Usos, and now it’s D-Von hitting Jimmy Uso. D-Von goes for a pin, gets a two count, now Bubba is in, continuing the attack.

Bubba verbally assaulting Jey, while beating him down. The Dudleyz are in control, Jimmy comes in like wild fire, but, Bubba gets the advantage, and the Dudleyz hit “What’s Uuup”, they go for the table, but, a double attack by the Usos put an end to it. Dudleyz go for 3D, but Jey stops Bubba, then hits D-Von, leading to Jey hitting D-Von with a superkick for the pin. The Dudleyz continue to attack post match and go to put them through the tables, only for them to be put through the table by the Usos. (Correct Prediction)

And now, here starts the show!!

Fifth Harmony singing “America, the Beautiful”.

(Intercontinental Title Ladder Match) Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Sin Cara vs. Zack Ryder vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

An excellent fireworks display, as the show opens, and we are opening with the seven-way ladder match, out comes Dolph Ziggler, who is one of the heavy favourites, JBL, Byron Saxton and Michael Cole announcing. Out comes The Miz, to a mixed reaction. Next out is Sami Zayn to a huge reaction. Next, Stardust comes out, and the fans are loving his gear, which is a homage to his father, the late Dusty Rhodes. Now, Sin Cara is coming out in all white. Zack Ryder is out next, and the fans are going wild.Now, comes the Champion, Kevin Owens to an enormous reaction from the crowd.

As the bell sounds, all of the challengers go for the ladders, but, it winds up with Zayn and Owens in the ring. the action is fast and furious, The Miz is the first to go for the belt, but, gets knocked down by Zayn and Ziggler. The alliance is short lived, as Ziggler gets knocked out, goiong back to Zayn and Owens. Zayn is wowing the crowd, taking out the rest of the challengers, then the champ. Zayn goes for the belt, but gets stopped by Sin Cara, who goes for the belt himself, but gets thrown by Zayn, who pushes the ladder,sending Sin Cara flying. Ziggler hits a superkick on Zayn and goes for the belt, but gets stopped by first Sin Cara, then Miz, but superkicks for everyone. Owens comes and both go for a superkick, knocking each other out momentarily. Stardust takes control, bringing in his own polka dot ladder, and attacks everyone, but a skull crushing finale puts the attack to rest. Owens comes in, hitting a big move on Miz, then gets attacked by Zayn. But, he gets the upper hand and hits a huge splash on Zayn from the top on top of a ladder.

Ryder gets into the fold, taking charge after a huge elbow off the ladder. He climbs the ladder, but so does Ziggler, who knocks Ryder down. Owens hits the pop up powerbomb, but gets attacked by Stardust, who then gets attacked by Sin Cara. Sin Cara goes to attack Stardust, who gets thrown by Owens. Owens had the ring to himself, but, a fight goes on between Zayn and Owens on the ladder, who knocks Owens down. Zayn gets thrown by Miz, then Miz gets tossed by Ryder, who takes the title down, becoming the NEW Intercontinental Champion. (Correct Prediction)

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Now, Chris Jericho  comes out to a mixed reaction, as fans are cheering and jeering him, simultaneously. Now, here comes AJ Styles, in his first WrestleMania match. And he comes out with white and red gear, to thunderous applause. And here we go, both men are slowly pacing the ring, getting ready to tie up, and they do, Styles gets Jericho in the corner, and comes out, only to tie up again, this time, Jericho getting Styles in the corner. Jericho knocks Styles down, but, Styles returns the favour, forcing Jericho out. Styles gives chase, as Jericho runs around the ring, getting back into the ring, throwing a clothesline, but missing Styles, who knocks Jericho down. Good back and forth action, but, Styles seems to have the upper hand. Styles goes for a splash to the outside, but Jericho hits an enzigiri , getting the advantage. It’s now all Jericho, who seems to be focusing his attack on Styles’ neck and back.

Jericho had control, until Styles started to hit some big strikes, now it is Styles getting the upper hand. Styles has the advantage, but Jericho regains control, and hits the Walls of Jericho, Styles gets to the ropes to break up the move. And we are back to the back and forth, now both are fighting on the top rope. A big front superplex has both men down on the mat, but Styles gets up first, hitting a roll up pin on Jericho for a two count. Jericho gets Styles back in the Walls, but fights out, both are fighting on the mat, and Styles hits the Calf Crusher. Jericho fighting out, and rolls up Styles. Both are back on their feet, and Jericho goes to hit a hurricanrana, but almost gets caught in a Styles Clash. Jericho fights out of it, and Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, misses, and gets hit with a Codebreaker, which leads to a two count.

Both are back to their feet, and Jericho tries to add insult to injury, attempting the Styles Clash. Styles fights out and reverses, with a big sitout inverted powerbomb for a two count. Styles and Jericho go back and forth again, and Styles hits the Styles Clash for a two count. Now, both men are hitting everything, but are only getting two counts. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm again, but gets hit with a Codebreaker, Jericho gets the pinfall. (Incorrect Prediction)

The New Day vs. The League of Nations

And now, we are on to the New Day vs. the League of Nations handicap match. The New Day comes out of a giant box of “Booty O’s” dressed as Saiyans (Dragon Ball Z). Now, The League of Nations comes out to a shower of boos, as they kick the Booty O’s that are on the stage and ramp way. Kofi and Sheamus starting off, who takes advantage early, but, it was short lived, as Kofi gets Sheamus in the corner, and now rapidfire tags between Kofi, Xavier Woods, and Big E. The control is short, as Rusev comes in, attacking Woods, then tagging Del Rio. Del Rio in control, hitting some powerful strikes, hits Big E to distract the ref, giving the rest of the League a chance to get some hits in. Sheamus tagged back in, and the attack is temporary, but fierce, Rusev is back in, hitting Woods with some heavy attacks.

Woods is now the one isolated in the League’s corner, and Del Rio is back in, taking Woods into the corner, delivering more punishment. Woods tosses Del Rio out, and tries for a tag, but is stopped by Sheamus. Woods gets a reversal, and tags Kofi, who knocks down both Sheamus and Rusev. Boom Boom Drop for both, and now he goes for Trouble in Paradise, but it’s blocked by Sheamus. Kofi gets hit by Rusev, and Big E comes in to make a save, knocks down Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett. The efforts of The New Day are valiant, but, after Woods attempts a roll up, Sheamus kicks out, forcing Woods to the ropes, into a a Bull Hammer, which leads to a Brogue Kick for a win. BArrett starts to taunt the crowd, saying that no three men could top the League, out comes Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

There is a three on four stand off, could there be a fourth? And the New Day drag Barrett out, and now Foley, Michaels and Austin are attacking Del Rio, Sheamus and Rusev, hitting the finishers on the three, before finishing off Barrett with all three finishers. The New Day are trying to get the legends. Foley dances, Michaels dances, Austin starts to, then hits the stunner on Woods. All three toast the Dallas crowd, to a wild applause. (Correct Prediction)

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose (Street Fight)

We’re about to be treated to war, Brock Lesnar is coming down for the No Holds Barred Street Fight, on his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman does Lesnar’s official introduction, and now, here comes “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose, and the fans are going crazy. The bell rings, and Lesnar forces Ambrose to the corner, strikes, and suplexes commence. Ambrose is taken to “Suplex City” early on, Lesnar has control, but, Ambrose hits Lesnar with a burrage of kendo stick strikes, but, that just made The Beast Incarnate angry, as he delivers suplexes 4 and 5. Ambrose looks to get another kendo stick, but, Lesnar stops him and brings him back into the ring. Two more suplexes, and Ambrose says he’s fine, suplex 7. Suplex 8, still reaching for a kendo stick, which Lesnar will not allow, Ambrose suckers him into the corner, catching him with elbows, but, number 9 is hit.

Lesnar inviting Ambrose to get the stick, then blocks him, only to receive a lowblow for his actions. Ambrose gets the kendo stick and attacks Lesnar, forcing the big man out of the ring. Ambrose hits an flying elbow, then reaches for the chainsaw given to him by Terry Funk. Lesnar attacks, then hits a belly to belly. Ambrose hits Lesnar with a ring bell, then a chair, goes to the top, and tries to hit him again with the chair, but gets hit with a top rope belly to belly. Lesnar get the upper hand again, but, Ambrose uses the fire extinguisher on Lesnar, then hits him with the chair. Relentless attacks from Ambrose, hitting him with everything, but Lesnar recovers, regains control. Another suplex, on top of the chairs, and an F5 attempt, reversed into a DDT. Ambrose again on the attack, and goes to get the barbed wire bat, almost catches Lesnar, who hits suplex number 13, and an F5 for the pinfall. (Correct Prediction)

And now, the 2016 Hall of Fame class in being introduced.

(Women’s Championship) Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Here comes Becky Lynch, as we are in for the Women’s Championship match, where the winner will become the new Women’s Champion. Out comes WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg, to introduce his little cousin, “The Boss” Sasha Banks. And now, here comes the WWE Diva’s Champion, Charlotte, dressed in a gown reminiscent of one of her father’s thousand dollar gowns. And now Charlotte goes after Banks and Lynch, but, both get Charlotte down, very intense back and forth between the three women, as they look to be crowned the new women’s Champion. Charlotte eventually gains a little control, temporarily knocking Banks out of the contest, but, Lynch goes on the offensive, though, Charlotte gets back into it, taking control of Lynch.

Charlotte goes for the Figure 8, but, gets stopped by Lynch, then attacked by Banks, who gets her into the corner, but, Lynch knocks Banks back out of the ring, and goes for the Disarmer. It’s broken up, and the women are going all out with everything they’ve got. Charlotte is temporarily out of the contest, and it’s now all Banks and Lynch, but, Banks jumps through the ropes taking Charlotte out. Lynch takes Flair out. Charlotte hits a huge moonsault of her own, getting the advantage on Lynch and Banks. More back and forth, Lynch with the Disarmer on Charlotte, then Banks hits the Bank Statement on Lynch, Charlotte hits the Figure 8 on Sasha, and all escape.

All three women eventually wind up fighting into a corner, with Lynch hitting a superplex, then Sasha hitting for the Bank Statement on Lynch. Charlotte breaks it up, sending Sasha to the ring apron, where Flair held her there, while Charlotte hits the Figure 8 on Becky for the win. (Incorrect Prediction)

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

Out comes Shane McMahon, as he prepares to fight the Deadman, The Undertaker. Out comes his three sons, as they come to watch their dad fight in the Hell in a Cell match. And the lights dim, as the bells gong, here comes the Phenom, The Undertaker, with the lightning and fire coming from the stage. Taker slowly walks to the ring, as the crowd is in awe, in what could be the Deadman’s final match in the WWE. Taker stands before the Cell, raising not only the lights, but, also the flames, and the intimidation.

And as the bell rings, Shane goes on the attack, as he throws a couple of good strikes, but, both are standing toe to toe, Shane trying to box with the big man. Shane goes in for a jab, but gets caught, now Shane is in Taker’s clutches, and he starts his attack. Shane tries to fight back, but, so far, to no avail, Taker is in his element, Shane thrown back into the ring, and Shane meets Taker with a flurry of blows, but, Taker swats him down. Shane gets a good flying back elbow on Taker, but, Taker goes back on the offensive, using his size and strength on the smaller McMahon. Shane is using distance to his advantage, but, it’s only momentary, as Taker snatches Shane and tosses him into the cell. Taker hits his leg drop on Shane on the apron, then brings him into the ring, hitting the Last Ride for a two count.

Taker is now bringing the steel steps into the ring, a look of desperation by the Deadman, Shane hits a Triangle Choke on Taker, looking to make Undertaker tap or be knocked out. Shane releases the hold, and goes for a couple of strikes on Taker, who reverses and hits Shane with a chokeslam on the steel steps, but only gets a two count. Taker goes for an elbow, but misses, landing on the steps. Shane dares Taker to go after him, Taker goes to attack, and gets DDT’d for his troubles. Shane hits an elbow and goes for a pin, but, Taker kicks out at two. Shane connects with a couple of jabs, but gets dragged into a Hell’s Gates submission. Shane fights out, and reverses the move into a sharpshooter, now Taker is reeling, but uses his leftover strength to power out of the move.

Shane crawls to Undertaker, and starts to level him with strikes, chopping down on the Deadman. Shane gets a garbage can from under the ring, is he going for the Coast to Coast dropkick? He’s keeping Taker in the corner, and climbs the opposite corner, and HITS THE COAST TO COAST!! Taker looks out of it, Shane now crawling to him for the cover. Rolls him over, two count!

Shane has gotten a bolt cutter, and it looks like he’s going to climb the top of the Cell. Taker recovers, hitting Shane with a couple of string strikes, but Shane returns with his own. Taker lifts Shane in a bearhug, and rams him through the Cell. Undertaker now pounding Shane into the gate. Taker is now taking apart the Spanish announce table, he’s looking to return the favour, and put Shane through the table. Shane looks dead, thrown into the barricade, they are now in the crowd. Is Taker going to Tombstone Shane O’Mac through the table? He’s going for it, Shane slips out and hits a sleeper on the Deadman. Taker throws the both of them through the table to break the hold!

What is Shane going into that toolbox for? He hits Taker with it across the face, knocking him off his feet. Shane knocks Taker again, layig him across the table, and..oh my, Shane is going to climb up? Is the daredevil going to do it? He’s climbing the Cell, is he going to jump off?! He looks over the edge of the Cell, he’s standing up…He’s going for it…HE GOES FOR IT, BUT TAKER MOVED, SHANE CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!

The human wreckage is scattered around ringside, as The Undertaker looked over at Shane, who is barely moving. Taker is walking over to Shane, Shane trying to get to his feet, and Taker is bringing Shane back into the ring, and both are battered and bruised, but the fight is still strong in both of them, Taker is ready to finish him off, lifts him for a Tombstone, hits it and gets the victory! (Incorrect Prediction)

This was one HELL of a contest, and may have stolen the show!

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale

And now, the combatants for the Andre the Giant Battle Royale are making their way to the ring, with Mark Henry, Kane, and DDP?! DDP is in this year’s Battle Royale. Big Show is out next to some good applause. SHAQUILLE O’NEAL?! What the hell?! He’s in this!!! Shaq and the Big Show stand off, Kane interrupts, only to get chokeslammed by both. Shaq and Show have had this rivalry for some time, and they are finally standing face to face, both going to chokeslam each other, both eliminate Fandango and Damien Sandow. Everyone elminates Show and Shaq. Tatanka has returned. Kane is now the biggest threat, besides Mark Henry, in the Battle Royale. DDP eliminates Viktor, Konner attacks Page. Konner eliminates DDP, Konner eliminated by R-Truth. Tatanka eliminated by Baron Corbin and Adam Rose. Swagger eliminated. R-Truth eliminated, Social Outcasts are dominating right now. Kane elminates Axel, Corbin eliminates mRose, Henry eliminates Slater, Kane and Young eliminates Henry, Kane eliminates Dallas, Corbin eliminates Kane and wins it. (Incorrect Prediction)

The Rock comes out, and the Dallas crowd is going wild, chants of “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky” echoing through the arena. The Rock is livening up the crowd, not that they needed it, the event is great tonight. The Rock talks of fans going home to make some “WrestleMania babies”. He speaks of making history, and it looks like Dallas has broken the attendance record for WrestleMania, 101,763 in attendance. And now, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family? Uh oh, Rock, looks like the night has just gotten more troublesome than he expected.

Wyatt says that he comes as the truth, and he chooses The Rock, because he represents greatness, success, and a lie. He says it’s not Rock’s or the crowd’s moment, but his, and he is going to dismantle and eviscerate The Rock. Rock, in his classic style, verbally dismantles Bray and the Wyatts. He gives Wyatt his credit, but, also that he is also ready for a fight.

Impromptu Match, The Rock vs Erik Rowan

Rock hits Rowan with a Rock Bottom in six seconds for a pinfall victory. Now the Wyatts are looking to attack, and here is JOHN CENA TO HELP THE ROCK!!

Now The Rock and Cena are fighting the Wyatt Family, Rock Bottom to Strowman, Five Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment to Rowan. Now, The People’s Elbow to Bray!! Cena and Rock standing side by side for a major WrestleMania moment that no one will ever forget!!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

It’s now time for the main event of the evening, and here is Stephanie McMahon sitting atop a throne above the entrance way, with a doomsday setting, meaning the “King of Kings” Triple H is coming to the ring, leading an army of death on his way to war. Before he entered, she chastised the Dallas crowd, telling them that they were just pawns to Triple H and her. Here comes Roman Reigns to a mixed reaction, punching fireworks out of the stage and of the arena.

They are now standing toe to toe, and the fans are still favouring Triple H, the majority booing Roman Reigns. Triple H gets more of an applause from the crowd, some boos, but mostly cheers. Now the bell sounds, and a tie up, with Triple H giving a side headlock, followed by a takeover, but Reigns regains his footing, and overpowering the champ. Both are trying to size each other out, as both have worked hard in preparing for this contest. The younger Reigns is showing that he is strong enough, if for the moment, to stand with the Cerebral Assassin, and they try to one up each other, but Trips gets the one up on Reigns, throwing him into the corner, then hitting him with a clothesline to the back of the head.

Some good back and forth between the heavyweights, with Reigns getting back into the fight, getting thrown out of the ring, but, hitting a dropkick from the outside to Triple H. Reigns clubbing Trips in the corner, Steph hops on the apron to distract the ref, giving the champ a chance to cheap shot Reigns. Triple H back in control, leveling Reigns with punches in the corner, but Reigns is fighting back, to no avail. The Game is taking it to the challenger, Reigns is now duking it out with the champ, hits the ropes, but gets stopped with a massive spine buster for a two count.

They are now both outside the ring, and Triple H is pounding Reigns’ face off the announce table, which is what led to his broken nose. He comes back to pound Trips’ face into the table, before the champ sends him flying into the German announce team.
Triple H with a huge neckbreaker off the table, giving himself a chance to recover, but also allowing the ref to count him out. Reigns tries climbing back in, only to be met be the champ, Triple H climbing to the second rope, hitting him with a diving knee drop. Triple H puts Reigns back across the ropes to attempt it again, but, Reigns recovers, and strikes The Game. Reigns getting some leverage against Trips, though, the champ gets a moment of control, only to be hit with a Samoan Drop. Reigns is looking for the Superman Punch, but Triple H rolls out the ring.

Reigns follows outside the ring, and does a flying clothesline off the steel steps. Reigns is now back in control, but, a temporary lapse in judgement costs Reigns, giving control back to Triple H. Reigns thrown over the German announce table again, but Reigns answers that with a spear to Triple H through the barricade. Reigns drags the champ back into the ring, and just beat the 10 count. Reigns looks like he may have injured his left arm, how that will come into play remains to be seen. He goes for the Superman punch, Triple H reverses into a Fujiwara Armbar, Reigns crawls to the ropes, but, Trips drags him back towards the center of the ring. Trips has him in what looks like a Rings of Saturn. Reigns rolls out and to his feet, Trips keeps the armbar on, though Reigns is fighting it.

Reigns powers Triple H off the mat and hits a short sitout powerbomb for a two count. Triple H with a cross armbar, looking to make Reigns tap out. Reigns picks Trips up and short sitout powerbombs him again for another two count. Both men look like hell, and Reigns goes for a spear, but runs into a knee strike, Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but gets thrown over the top rope. Reigns went for another Superman punch, which forced him across the ring, Trips gets into the ring, and walks into a spear, the ref goes for the count, to get pulled by Steph McMahon. Steph tries to chastise the ref, and gets speared by Reigns, that minor distraction led to Triple H hitting the Pedigree on Reigns for a two count. Reigns regains control by hitting a Superman Punch, but doesn’t go for a cover, which is a big mistake.

He goes for another, but gets met with a running knee, and Trips only gets a two count. Stephanie hands Trips his Sledgehammer, and in the midst of him arguing with the ref, he gets hit with another Superman Punch. He gets hit with one more, but, it doesn’t stumble Trips as much, as he tries hitting him with the sledgehammer, but Reigns ducks and hit the spear for the 1-2-3, and the title win! (Correct Prediction)

Roman Reigns is now a 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as he holds the title above his head in celebration, showered by a mixed reaction from the crowd. The end to a great night, and an awesome show. Thank you, dear readers for reading this article, and hopefully, we can do this again for SummerSlam. For the TSJ101 crew, this is Gregory Black, saying enjoy your night, and have a great start to your work week. See you Wednesday for my weekly opinion piece “Thoughts From The Chubby Guy”, may do a recap, who knows? But, my official prediction stat is 6-5, not bad, I like when I am surprised, and I know you guys like it too. Until next time, folks, have a great one.


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