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Two Chargers You’ll Hear About This Season

Charger Superstars Remulus Magallano via


Chargers superstars have been rare as of late, but that is about to change.

The San Diego Chargers have two emerging superstars on their roster. For them, hopefully more than these two will emerge. But, these two guys have “breakout” written all over them. Keenan Allen emerged as a strong force as a pass catcher and an all around receiver last year before a scary kidney injury that held him out the rest of the season. Jason Verrett had an amazing sophomore campaign and is looking to pick up right where he left off.

Keenan Allen

This guy is just a beast. He’s already looking unstoppable in camp this year. He has a 6 foot 2 inch height to go along with his beautiful route running. Keenan doesn’t have the most flashy speed in the league, but he is fast enough to get the job done. He also has amazing hands, as he has only dropped four balls in his career.

Last season, Allen reeled in 67 receptions for 725 yards and 4 touchdowns in half of a campaign. If you do the math, he ends with 1,450 yards, 134 receptions and 8 touchdowns if he were to stay on that same pace. Allen has been in the past and will continue to be Philip Rivers’ favorite target, a connection that should be strong and reliable all season long.

The addition of Travis Benjamin does nothing but help Keenan Allen. He will provide a threat on the other side of the field while adding a deep threat. This will allow Allen to receive less attention and be able to manipulate defenses every single game. Although Benjamin could take some of Keenan’s targets, it does not seem that it is going to have any negative effect when you consider the attention he will bring to himself when they are both on the field.

Keenan Allen is primed to be a to be in the conversation of superstars this year. He has the skill. The quarterback is there. His 2nd receiver is finally a threat, and he’s definitely ready for the next step. It should be an amazing year for Keenan Allen, with a ceiling that is infinite.

Jason Verrett

Jason Verrett is coming on as one of the top corners in the game today. He is only 5 foot 10, but his athleticism makes up for that. The only thing that is concerning with Verrett is his health. He has missed some time the last couple of years, which is probably the only reason he has not been considered “elite” yet.

When you look deep into his play, he has the best grade overall in coverage snaps in the NFL per With a total of 510 coverage snaps, he had a 7.3% positive grade. Superstars like Richard Sherman, who only has a 4.5% positive grade, don’t come close to that. Although many people think stats don’t mean much, Jason Verrett is at the top of the positive grade category. This stats basically is your success rate when on the field and in coverage. Interceptions and in-completions give you a positive rate, where as completions and touchdowns give you a negative rate.

Verrett also had shut down performances against Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown this past season, two of the leagues great receivers. Antonio Brown is the exact same height as Verrett, but Thomas has about four inches on him. This proves that size can be made up with athleticism and toughness. Brown was held to only 3 catches and 45 yards against Verrett. Demaryius Thomas was held to 6 catches for 61 yards against him.

Some corners are hyped up for two or three years, then have a letdown. That does not seem to be the case with Jason Verrett. He has everything you want in a corner back and you can tell he wants to win very badly. You can just see it in the way he plays, he always has the tenacity and almost anger in his emotions. The Chargers have not had much to get excited about on the defensive side of the ball, especially with the Joey Bosa nonsense, but this kid will be great. It will be exciting to see how Verrett’s 2016 season pans out.