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U.S. Open Final Fall-out

U.S. Open Final Fallout Keith Allison/ via flickr


We watched to see who could walk away with a U.S. Open title.  We watched to see who could overcome historical Oakmont.  We watched to see who would take center stage.

Unfortunately for all of us the USGA decided to take center stage.

The incident

On the 5th hole of Dustin Johnson’s final round something happened. Johnson backed off from a par putt on the fifth green Sunday afternoon, then summoned a rules official as he apparently had seen his ball move.  A U.S. Open official would tell him to play it where it lies and no penalty would be accessed.

Johnson would jump into the lead over Shane Lowry who had started the round with a 4 stroke lead, and he was rolling along when the USGA got involved.

On the 12th hole the USGA let Johnson know that he may be penalized.  They had not yet decided.

“We put him on notice,” said Jeff Hall, the USGA’s managing director of competitions. Hall also said during the Fox broadcast that Johnson told him he didn’t feel he did anything to cause the ball to move. “We have some concerns,” Hall said

What the players were saying.


Rory McIlroy on Twitter: “This is ridiculous… No penalty whatsoever for DJ. Let the guy play without this crap in his head. Amateur hour from @USGA”


Jordan Spieth on Twitter: “Lemme get this straight.. DJ doesn’t address it. It’s ruled that he didn’t cause it to move. Now you tell him he may have? Now? This a joke?”


Rickie Fowler on Twitter: “.@JordanSpieth @McIlroyRory w/ you boys! The fact that the @usga thinks that DJ caused the ball to move is completely ridiculous! Laughable!”

And then we we waited…

The golf world found themselves on the edge of their seats.  Fans waited to see if Dustin Johnson could hold on to his lead.

As we all know Oakmont is known to test a golfer and push them to their limits.  Now we add to that the pressure of not knowing exactly what you are shooting.  This was unchartered territory.

He came here to win.

With all the eyes in the gallery and at home focused in, and uncertainty looming, Johnson would not disappoint.  Johnson who last year 3 putted on the final hole of the U.S. Open to avoid his chance at a major, would now find redemption.

Johnson pushed aside any questions and quickly pulled away from the field.  Johnson would accept the challenge and enjoy his moment in the sun.

U.S. Open officials can crown their new champion and the USGA can thank Dustin Johnson for saving them too.

Although the USGA took center stage for a moment, Johnson would stand strong and take the stage back.

Dustin Johnson would win his first major championship and be crowned as the

116th U.S. Open champion.  

U.S. Open Final Fallout

U.S. Open Champ

U.S. Open trophy