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US Soccer: Jurgen Klinsmann Calling Guatemala Game A Must Win

US Soccer

Columbus, OH – United States national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is calling Tuesday’s match against Guatemala a must win.

Klinsmann has been under fire for quite some time since joining the national team. The national team has now hit one of its lowest points in a really long time, not only not winning games but playing awful.

On Monday, Klinsmann stated the obvious at times during a press conference by saying “We didn’t come back with the result we wanted in Guatemala. The situation is clear: we need to win this game tomorrow night.”

“We need to make it clear to everyone around the team there’s a sense of urgency to win.”

“We have to come on the field with a high sense of urgency from the first second tomorrow night.”

Sense of urgency was mentioned several times by Klinsmann as he knows his job is also on the line should he not get a result that is favorable in standings of the U.S.

The American media is not like any other country in which the head coach of the soccer national team would be in much deeper heat for the bad results as of late.

Many fans have begun calling for the head of the head coach and want him out.

If the U.S. loses again on Tuesday, it will be faced with a situation in which they will have to win its final two games – at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and against Trinidad and Tobago at home, and also require help from others in the group just to advance to the next round.

The Americans are currently out of the two places in Group C that will advance to the final hexagonal round.

So, yes Mr. Klinsmann, there is a sense of urgency here. Get it straighten out or get out.

Photo credit to Peu Ricardo Barbosa via Flickr