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Vernon Hargreaves Selected 11th Overall in 2016 NFL Draft

NFL: Vernon Hargreaves III

With the 11th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected Vernon Hargreaves III, Cornerback from The University of Florida.

Overflowing with talent, Hargreaves III always seems to find himself around the ball and has experience in both man and zone defensive schemes, two factors that likely influenced the Buccaneers to take him at #11 . His 5-foot 10, 204-pound frame makes him less trendy than taller Cornerbacks, but the former Gator has fluid hips and ample quickness that allow him to stay with both slot receivers and those who line up on the outside. In his three years at Florida, Hargreaves III predominantly defended the perimeter, but there is value in knowing that he is capable as a Nickel defender in the NFL, should that need arise.

The man has hands, too. We all know a Cornerback who seems to be in great position to make a play on the ball and then: DROP! This isn’t the case with Hargreaves III. If you make a mistake and put the ball within reach, chances are he will pluck it and take it the other way.

Hargreaves III isn’t afraid to take part in run support, either. He’s known to be physical and have the ability to finish tackles.

As great of a zone defender as you’ll see in this draft (he was ranked “Best In Zone” among Cornerbacks by Pro Football Focus), there are some concerns to be addressed. In man coverage, Hargreaves III has been known to be a tad over-aggressive and occasionally get caught with his eyes in the backfield, leaving him susceptible to double-moves. Elite quarterbacks at the next level will take advantage of Hargreaves III by manipulating his movements if he is not careful.

Hargreaves III is a welcomed addition to the Buccaneers’ defensive backfield.

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