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Welcome Back Welcome Back: The Indiana Pacers Re-sign Former Guard Lance Stephenson to a 3-Year Deal Worth $12 Million.

Welcome back Welcome back Mark Runyon Via Flicker


Welcome back Welcome back

Reunited and it feels so good! Today the Indiana Pacers announced that they would be re-signing guard Lance Stephenson to a 3-year $12 million deal. For the past three years Stephenson has played for multiple teams. Welcome back, welcome back.

The former Cincinnati Bearcat was developing into a star under the tutelage of former Indiana Head coach, Frank Vogel. During his first stint in Indiana, Stephenson impressed with his quick cross over, court vision, physicality on defense and ability to score in burst.

Despite blowing in LeBron James ear in the 2014 Eastern Conference finals, Stephenson showed promise. During the 2013-2014 season the 6-foot-5 guard provided energy for the Pacers and some considered him to be the Robin to forward Paul George’s Batman.

The End of the Road?

After the 2013-2014 season Larry Bird, the current president of the organization, made it clear that he would love Stephenson to stay but only for the right price. The New York native was developing into a strong two way player.

As always, it’s always about the money. It’s hard to blame Stephenson for testing free agency and signing with the Charlotte Hornets. Think about it, who wouldn’t want to learn under arguably the best NBA player in Michael Jordan.

However, Indiana seemed like a better fit for the former Bearcat guard. The Pacers provided Stephenson with a stable coaching staff, durable system, and strong roster. Also, Indiana lacked distraction and allowed the Brooklyn native to focus on basketball.

Second Chance Coming!

Fast forward to the 2014-2015 season and Houston, we have a problem. Not only did the 6-foot-5 guard struggle, he lost his starting job, struggled to get play time and eventually was benched. The 2010 NBA draft pick would sign with the Memphis Grizzles, New Orleans Pelicans, and Minnesota TimberWolves.

Welcome back, to Indianapolis Mr. Stephenson, it’s time to rebuild your image. I think this was a great move for the organization. The franchise will receive a 26-year-old, a familiar player, and someone who can ignite this roster.

Prior to re-signing the 26-year-old, the franchise waived guard Rodney Stuckey. Currently the team is 7th in the eastern conference at 37-37.

If the playoffs started today, the Pacers would play the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Welcome back, welcome back.

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