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What Does Jason Witten Extension Mean For Cowboys?

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What Does This New Jason Witten Extension Say About The Cowboys?

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 was a great day for the Dallas Cowboys organization and their fans. Dallas announced the news of a Jason Witten extension. The deal includes a four-year $29.6 million dollar extension. This would mean if Witten was to play the full contract out, he’d be nearly 4o years old. The veteran tight end has spent his entire career in Dallas, and this deal assures he will retire a Cowboy. This is obviously big news for many reasons. Dak Prescott has to be the most excited among all.

Jason Witten has been through it all in Dallas. He was there when they were rebuilding before the Tony Romo era. Witten has endured the highs and lows with this franchise and he is a sure fire future hall of fame player. He’s posted elite numbers throughout his amazing career with 1089 receptions for 11,888 yards and 63 touchdowns. Witten has been a consistent target for a number of different quarterbacks to wear the star on their helmet. This Jason Witten extension is about much more than the production.

Team Impact

With a very young player commanding the Dallas Cowboys in Dak Prescott, its vital for him to grow as a player. The best way to help Prescott in his progression is to keep familiar pieces around him. Jason Witten helped convert numerous third downs in 2016. He’s a huge target and another guy who understands how to play with a learning quarterback. Dak Prescott must be excited about this Jason Witten extension, as he will have one of his biggest targets back in the offense.

The offense has stayed intact for the most part. Locking Witten up for years to come is a smart move for the entire team, but mostly the offense. These guys are a family and they need each other to continue the success they have built. Jason Witten means a lot to this offense and he will help deliver consistency as long as he’s on the field. Witten is a dependable guy that everyone looks up to, he’s their fearless captain.

Leader and Mentor

As the 2017 NFL Draft is soon approaching, many analysts have predicted the Cowboys to draft a younger tight end. It’s no secret that Jason Witten is aging and Dallas will need to start looking for his replacement. However, Dallas might have already drafted their future tight end. Rico Gathers was a late round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He has great size and athleticism and he would only benefit from this Jason Witten extension.

Yes, I guess it means Gathers won’t be seeing much playing time immediately, but Witten will be a great mentor for him. Gathers can study Witten and learn so much from a player of his caliber. Jason Witten is a strong leader and role model for a young player like Rico Gathers. With Witten staying on for a few more years, he can help Gathers in his progression as an NFL tight end.

Jason Garrett is a guy that preaches dedication and consistency. He likes to keep his team together and close. Garrett has to be excited about this signing. Just knowing his leader will be in Dallas for the next four years to help the younger guys develop. Jason Witten is almost like another coach on this staff. He’s been through so much and he can contribute in more ways than playing on the field. This is great news for the Cowboys as they are assured a very productive player. Jason Witten is an outstanding role model and it’s good to know he will retire a Cowboy.

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