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What if Cleveland Blows a 3-1 Lead?

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Cleveland Under Pressure?

There is no doubt that you have all heard about the Chicago Cubs and their 108 year draught without a World Series Championship, but don’t forget that the Indians have a draught of their own going.  It’s been 68 years since the City of Cleveland has witnessed their Indians win a World Series, and now they are heading home needing just one win to claim their next.

On Sunday night the Chicago Cubs managed to stave off elimination with a 3-2 win which sends the World Series back to Progressive Field in Cleveland.  The question now is who is under the most pressure to win game 6.

As of now the Chicago Cubs can feel free of any pressure because the biggest hurdle after falling behind in the Series 3-1, was at least getting a historic win at Wrigley Field.  They can feel free of pressure now because based on the odds of them winning the World Series, most people are already assuming an Indians win.  In the history of the World Series only 6 out of 81 times a team has trailed 3-1 in the series has anyone came back to win it on the road.  The Chicago Cubs would join only the 1926 and 1934 Cardinals, 1952 and 1958 Yankees, the 1968 Tigers and the 1979 Pirates if they pull this off.  As you can see it is highly unlikely that the Cubs would be able to beat the Indians twice at Progressive field and claim their first title since 1908.

As for the Indians, that may be a different story all together.  It is very likely that the pressure has shifted to the team that only needs to win one game.  Everyone in Cleveland is already expecting them to win the whole thing this year.  They believe in this team and know that they have proven time and time again that they can overcome the odds.  However, in this case the odds are in their favor and no one knows it better than Cleveland fans do when it comes to making a comeback from a 3-1 deficit.  Back in June the Cleveland fans were able to witness their very own team overcome that same deficit in the NBA finals.  The Cavaliers played loose and looked like a team that knew they had nothing to lose in that finals.  Over the summer leading up to the NBA season it has been a joke lead by Cleveland fans in the Twitter world about how the Golden State Warriors had blown a 3-1 lead and allowed Cleveland to finally break the cities championship draught.

And even LeBron James, the King himself got in on the roast of the Warriors

The Indians now find themselves in a peculiar spot.  They find themselves as the favorites to win the World Series and the Chicago Cubs Twitter page took the opportunity to remind Cleveland fans that you can’t count them out just yet.

The Cleveland Indians now face the task of avoiding being the next Internet sensation to blow up the Twitter world with jokes of blowing a 3-1 lead.  They now return home to Cleveland hoping to end it all in 6 games so they can put their fans minds at ease.

The Cubs don’t have Lebron James, but they do have the duo of Bryant and Rizzo (aka-BRYZZO) and if any team in baseball can overcome the odds it’s this one.

Get Ready-Game 6 is coming and the Chicago Cubs want Cleveland to Know that they ain’t dead yet.