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What is Brett Hundley’s Future in Green Bay?

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Hundley Has Exceeded Expectations

When the Green Bay Packers selected Brett Hundley with the 147th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft, little was made of it. Many just assumed that the Packers were just replacing previous backup Scott Tolzien with a low-cost option. However, just two years later the narrative seems to have changed.

Hundley has shown that perhaps he was worthy of a higher selection than the fifth round draft choice the Packers used on him. The former UCLA Bruin has dazzled when given the opportunity. Hundley has only attempted 10 passes in the regular season as Aaron Rodgers’ backup. However, where Hundley has really shined is in the preseason. His rookie year, Hundley led all quarterbacks in passer rating (129.7) during the preseason. He especially opened eyes during a four touchdown performance against the Saints in the 2015 preseason finale.

Numbers aside, scouts gawk at the tools Hundley has showcased. He has shown above-average arm strength, accuracy, poise, and athleticism. The athleticism and tools have always been there, however.

Hundley was always viewed as raw coming out of college, and his staggering athleticism was displayed at the combine highlighted by a 4.63 40 yard dash time. The knock on Hundley has always been that he is incapable of reading defenses and going through progressions. Hundley’s play in the preseason however, has helped to quiet some of those doubts. After all, having Aaron Rodgers as a mentor isn’t a bad deal for a young QB.

Does Hundley Have a Future With The Packers?

Rodgers doesn’t look like he is slowing down any time soon. The two-time MVP is coming off of another spectacular season in which he led a heavily depleted Packers team to the NFC Championship Game. While Rodgers, 33, isn’t a young man anymore, he figures to have at least five or so years left. By that time, Hundley will not be so young anymore either, and his rookie contract will expire. You can expect many teams would be willing to open their checkbooks for a young signal-caller with excellent raw tools and flashed potential.

The answer simply put, is no. Keeping Hundley could potentially mean having a bonafide backup in the case that Rodgers goes down. However, if Rodgers were to get hurt, do the Packers have much of a chance anyways? Hundley has much more value to the Packers as a trade asset. Rumors suggest that the Packers can perhaps net as high as a second round pick for him, which would be difficult to pass up. Whether or not those rumors are true is a different story, but it makes sense that teams desperate for a quarterback would pay a steep price.

Some compare the current situation with Hundley to the Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers transition. However, I feel that is a ridiculous comparison to make. Favre was on his way out at the time, and Rodgers still has plenty of his career ahead of him now. Also, Hundley’s abilities while intriguing don’t compare to Rodgers and that’s not exactly a bold statement.

If the Packers can fetch a solid draft pick or player in exchange for their young QB, they should jump on it.