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What Is Tony Romo’s Trade Value?

What is Tony Romo's trade value?


Tony Romo’s Trade Value Will Help Cowboys Make A Decision

It’s been made clear that the Cowboys want the best future possible for Tony Romo. Obviously his time as a starter in Dallas has come to an abrupt end. The options are to trade him or to cut him and let him choose a contending team to play for. The Cowboys would likely prefer to trade him so they can get something in return, but what is Tony Romo’s trade value?

When considering trading for a guy like Romo it’s not all about what he’s able to bring to the table. A few other things that must be taken into account would be his age and the price. Romo is an aging player with recent injuries sustained. That combination is a big red flag for the most part. At this point he’s a high risk and a high reward player that teams must be willing to gamble for.

Tony Romo has voiced his opinion on who he’d like to play for in 2017. The Broncos, Cardinals, Chiefs, and Texans were his top four locations. It seems the Texans are a very unlikely option as the just paid their quarterback a great sum of money and cannot afford to take on Romo’s contract. He’s due to make 14 million in his base salary for 2017 and will count for over 24 million against the cap, making scenario this rather unlikely.

The Cowboys can’t overestimate Tony Romo’s trade value. They need to understand that any team willing to make an offer is taking a huge risk. A first round pick simply isn’t in the cards and I hope that’s not what they are expecting to get for Romo. Here’s the thing with the Chiefs, Cardinals, and Broncos; they are each one solid quarterback away from realistically competing for a championship. So it’s possible that Romo’s trade value is a little higher to them.

Personally, I feel that Romo could go for a second round pick to the right team. When he’s healthy he’s a top five to seven player at his position. Over the last few years he has changed the way he’s played and he’d fit in perfectly with all three of these teams. There’s a defense, a running game, and decent receiving weapons on each roster. I’m sure Romo would love to hand the ball off to David Johnson, C.J. Anderson, or Spencer Ware.

If the Cowboys are wanting draft picks, then they should expect Romo’s trade value to be worth at best a second, but realistically a third or fourth round pick. A mid round pick makes the most sense for Romo. It’s possible that a third round pick for any of those teams can make an immediate impact for them in 2017, just ask the Cowboys. But when you need that one player to take you over the top, I think it’s worth it.

I know, some say the Chiefs don’t make sense because they have Alex Smith. That is actually the reason why they make a good fit. Alex Smith is the problem with this Chiefs team. I’m sorry if I come off a bit harsh, but this guy will never take a team far in the playoffs. He lacks arm strength and down field accuracy, two things Romo is great at. Also, the Chiefs have an impressive 10 draft picks this year and so they can easily afford to give up one or two to bring in Romo. Kansas City should offer a third, at least, and possibly a fifth as well.

The Broncos are a quarterback away from reaching the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl. With a top five defense and plenty of offensive weapons, Romo would be the guy to complete their team. John Elway is all about winning and he brought in Peyton Manning to do just that. So why not try again with another aging player who recently had surgery to fix an injury? They can offer a second or a third for Romo.

Arizona just received news that Larry Fitzgerald will be returning for at least one more season. This is huge for this offense because he can still mentor and teach the younger receivers. The Cardinals might have to make a decision with Carson Palmer if they are interested in Romo. Palmer has been a great player in this game for a long time, but he is one of the worst players when it comes to winning when it matters most.

Yes, Tony Romo isn’t known for playoff success, but he also isn’t the sole reason for his team losing. Palmer had five turnovers in their NFC Championship loss two seasons ago to the Panthers; something Tony Romo has never done and will never do in a game of that magnitude. Tony Romo would excel this offense and likely propel them to an elite level. The Cardinals are built to win now so why not go for it with Romo? They can afford to give Dallas a third or possibly a second round pick.

Overall, Romo’s trade value is likely a third or fourth round pick. I don’t see Dallas getting a second for him, but it’s definitely a possibility. If they do end up trading him, I hope it’s to a contending team that Romo is interested in. He deserves to play out his final years with a winning organization.