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What Makes TSJ Sports Special?

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Why join TSJ Sports?




With over 18,000 TSJ Twitter followers, you can showcase your work on an international stage. For those looking to break into the industry or even just build contacts, TSJ Sports could be just the opportunity that you need. For those looking to take the next step we can offer a well-respected, established brand prepared to give you the support you need.  With Coverage on MLB, NBA, NFL, UFC, NASCAR, MLS, PGA and NHL we offer opportunities to cover whatever it is that you are passionate about.



A lot of websites will say that they are a family. At TSJ, we are a family. Between group chats, social media and TSJ Sports Radio, there is always something going on and people to talk to.

Here is a link to where everyone is from.



With staff from all corners of the globe, from USA to Australia via England, we understand that you’re not always going to be available and do our best to accommodate and support everybody.




Do you have something you want to write about? Perfect. We’re not looking to force you into a routine. Whether it’s previews, recaps, news, opinion pieces, rankings or anything else, we want to give you the chance.



We are accredited media for NFL and the majority of its franchises, meaning that our writers get the news and press releases sent to them as they happen, as well as receiving communications from ESPN, NBC Sports and Pro Football Focus. We also have accredited status with NBA, NHL, PGA, UFC and NASCAR.

What next?


With a growing team, there’s never been a better time to join TSJ Sports. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of our team had to say:


“Writing by yourself can be demoralizing, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the team in September and haven’t regretted my choice for a second. I have loved growing in the role, going in depth with the team that I love and meeting likeminded people who are interested in talking about the same things that I am. As somebody who is based in the UK, I was a little apprehensive about how my schedule would fit, but I was welcomed into the team immediately and there’s always somebody willing to help out if I need it.” – 

-Andy Gallagher, Falcons Writer-   follow @falcons_andy



Any sports fan has a lot of opinions about everything that is sports. Players, teams, coaches, the league itself and how it’s being run, referees, even uniforms and arenas. Besides their team’s success, there’s not much more a sports fan wants than to have their voice heard. They want their opinion heard by the world. Thankfully for me, I joined TSJ in May and have been able to do just this: project my sports voice and opinions to all who will read. The opportunity to write and voice my opinion on a platform where I will be viewed has given me great joy and I cannot thank TSJ enough for that”

-Kevin Dillenburg- Chicago Bears Writer- follow @kdill1235

“I really enjoy writing for TSJ because it provided me with a platform to do something I always loved. It’s also helped me connect with some of the coolest people and gives me an avenue to share my thoughts and opinions about sports.”

-Taylor Martens- MLB Writer- follow @jtmartens28


“I’ve been with the crew at TSJ for a good bit now, and it’s been nothing short of a good time.  Getting to write about your favorite team and discuss all things sports (and more) with a bunch of cool people is certainly a rewarding experience.  Whether you’re looking to use this as a platform to jumpstart your career or just interested in a new hobby, TSJ will provide you with all you could ask for and more!”

-Jeff Richardson- Philadelphia Eagles Writer- follow @JR_TSJ101


“I had recently graduated from college and I was writing my own blog, trying to figure things out on my own. When a writer from TSJ recruited me to the team and informed me about the opportunity, I was excited to join. Being able to be a part of a group of people who have similar goals has helped me realize that being a part of something bigger has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.”

-Anthony Vallesteros- Pittsburgh Steelers Writer- follow @AV_TSJ101


“It all started one afternoon on Twitter. I was simply just scrolling through the latest sports feed and stumbled upon a tweet from TSJ stating they’d love for some new sports writers to join the team. I jumped on the opportunity with excitement as I’m an avid Cowboys fan and love writing/talking about sports, especially the NFL. As a senior in college and majoring in photojournalism, this was an incredible opportunity. I love writing for TSJ for many reasons. It’s a blast conversing with everyone and getting a Chance to boost my portfolio and resume is amazing. I learned quickly how things worked and what was expected of me on a weekly basis. I have developed into a much better writer here and I feel extremely blessed to have gotten this opportunity to write for a great company and with some amazing sports fans at TSJ. I love writing here and it’s been a great year of football with this experience.”

-Nick Wright- Dallas Cowboys Writer- follow @wrightnick23


“Well, It makes two years I’ve been a part of the TSJ101 family in February, joined after the last Patriots’ Super Bowl victory, when my tweets caught the eye of the of one of the co-owners of the site. After going through the process of writing one article, that caught the attention of the staff, I was on my way. It’s been a fun and interesting time being part of the team, doing interviews, staying on top of the latest stories, and the more there is to report, the more fun and interesting it gets. I look forward to what’s to come.”

-Gregory L. Black- Wrestling/MMA Guru- follow @GregNecroBlack


“I enjoy writing for TSJ sports because I can cover my favorite sport, baseball. I get to report the news, breakdown trades and write the occasional opinion piece. I can express my ideas for the sport that I love, but it goes further than that. Being able to collaborate with the other MLB writers has been a wonderful experience. We share ideas and analyze things that go on in the sport. It truly helps us all become experts.”

-Brennan Frawley- MLB Writer- follow @BrennanFrawley


“I have always been passionate about writing.  One day everything changed for me with just a simple scroll through Twitter.  I came upon a tweet looking for writers for TSJ.  I jumped at the chance and have never looked back.  Originally I was excited about getting to see my articles published on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but I found out quickly that being a part of this company was more than just being a writer.  I have made friends from all over the country and even over-seas.  I wouldn’t have ever imagined that something like writing could lead me to such an amazing group of people.  The people at TSJ are more than just my colleagues, they are truly my friends.  That one little scroll through Twitter was worth it and I have never looked back. 

Craig House- Recruitment & Training/ Writer- follow @Craig_House3


As you can see our Writers not only Love the opportunity to write about something they Love, but they love the people they get to write with.  There are many websites out there that can promise you that they can offer you a future in writing, but as one of the people that has been with TSJ for some time now, I can tell you that TSJ offers you so much more than just opportunity.

So if you are someone with a passion for writing and a passion for sports, then Thasportsjunkies101 might be just the place for you.  If you are interested in joining our team, please go to and apply.


A word from the owners


I think it all started as a passion project by Will Valentine. Who I became friends with a year or so before I joined him as the Co-owner of TSJ Sports. We both shared an obsessions with sports and a surprisingly similar level of competitiveness. It only seemed right to surround ourselves with others that had the same drive and ideals. Whether it was radio or writing, we were building something to give young, aspiring writers an accredited platform to reach the masses. Writers started landing paying job, regularly. The first time a writer told me, “TSJ took me from a blogger and made me a writer” I was blown away. Will and I pride ourselves on the effort that we put into this company day in and day out to make sure our writers get noticed and have as many resources as we can possibly offer to help the quality of their work. We live and breathe this company and will continue to grow everyday in our staff and reach.

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