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What’s The Most Important Position For Dallas To Address In The 2017 NFL Draft?

What is the most important position for Dallas to address? PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


Dallas Needs To Address An Important Position Early In the Draft

The Cowboys hold the 28th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Since they are picking at the back end of the first round, they will have to play the waiting game. Their selection will come down to which of their targeted players is available. Dallas has many holes on the defensive side of the ball to fill. They are going to have to find a player who can make an immediate impact for them on defense.

Another option would be to trade out and gain some extra picks in a deep defensive draft. There is one very important position that Dallas needs to focus on.

Since free agency started, Dallas has lost some key players on defense. Four members of the secondary have left and signed elsewhere. They also lost a defensive lineman in Terrell McClain. The Cowboys were one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2016. Their high octane offense wasn’t enough to make a deep postseason run.

With a deep defensive draft, I expect the Cowboys to spend five out of their seven total picks on the defensive side of the ball. One question remains, what’s the most important position to focus on for Dallas? What position will play a key role in helping this defense in 2017?

I think it would be easy to simply say a corner or a safety. I mean, like I mentioned above, Dallas lost four players in the secondary. They obviously need to acquire talent at the position and build their secondary depth. They also need an aggressive and relentless pass rusher that can step in and play day one.

Here’s what makes this decision difficult for me. Yeah, there are some talented corners and safeties in this draft. However, I feel that it takes time for a player at one of those positions to come in and adjust to the NFL intensity. They usually need a while to apply their skills and help out. Even though a great secondary player is the Cowboys’ biggest need, I don’t think it’s the most important position to address.

The Cowboys must find and draft an impact defensive end early. This is the most important position for them to address in this year’s draft. I know a defensive end won’t bulk up their secondary and won’t help them cover opposing receivers. The thing is, defensive ends do so much more than rush the passer. With a strong pass rush, they can help out the secondary by forcing the quarterback to get rid of the ball or dump it off for a shorter gain. There will be some outstanding edge talent available when Dallas makes their first round selection at 28.

Guys like Charles Harris, Carl Lawson, Taco Charlton, and DeMarcus Walker project to be available. The Cowboys need a player to make a strong impact now on this defense. A great pass rusher would help the defense in many ways. I think they need to evaluate specific players they like at this position and go for it.

There are plenty of solid corners and safeties to look at throughout the draft. If the Cowboys can find a stud defensive end and address the position early, they will be off to a great start.