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When Sports take a Back Seat to Life


We are a country that loves our sports.  We are surrounded with 24 hour sports updates.  Most of the major sports even have their own channels.  Sometimes something happens in the world that makes sports take a back seat to life.

Dallas-  Thursday, July 7th and the world was just getting back to its regular schedule.  Like any other day many of us turned on the TV in the evening, checked the scores of our favorite teams, or maybe zipped through the Internet to see what the latest sports news was.

Just a few minutes before 9:00 local Dallas time,  just as a peaceful protest was about to end, shots rang out across the downtown streets of Dallas, Texas.  Immediately chaos ensued as men and woman ran in every direction to escape the terror that was beginning to take place.  I just so happened to flip over to my favorite political news site at about the moment they were breaking the news of what was taking place.

I watched in horror as the news reports rolled in of what was happening.  Reports were all over the place as we heard reports of people being shot and confusion of who was shot and why.  As the news continued its coverage we begin to find out that this was an all out attack on the Dallas police department and several officers had been shot.

I found myself struggling with grasping ahold of what I was witnessing.  It seemed like every few minutes a new report was released and more and more officers were added to the list of people who had been shot.  Slowly the media was able to share with us that some of these officers had been killed and several were injured seriously.

I am sure I was like many people at home who felt like the world had stopped spinning and all eyes were focused on the city of Dallas. I haven’t felt that kind of confusion and sickening feeling since I watched the 9-11 events.  At this moment as I watched, my heart sank as I knew that I was witnessing one of the worst events in my lifetime.

As I continued to watch I was stirred with many emotions from anger to sadness.  These are the men and woman who have sworn to protect and serve and now a war had been waged on them in the streets.  Police officers who walked alongside of the protestors and even posed for pictures with some of them had been caught in an ambush and now we’re fighting for their own lives.

As a sports fan I watch to see my heroes step to the plate in the bottom of the 9th.  I cheer when they are able to come through in the clutch and hit the walk-off to win.  However, as I sat and watched this news coverage I was able to see what a true hero is.  I watched as civilians ran for their lives in every direction, but as they ran away I saw these Dallas police officers running towards the shooting.

What an amazing act of courage for these men and woman to have the courage to set aside their own self-preservation to protect the very people who were protesting against police just moments earlier.  A whole new meaning of hero was laid out right before my eyes.

When the madness all came to an end we were told the horrible news that 12 officers had been shot and 5 heroic officers had given their lives on this night.  One gunman was killed as the Dallas police closed in on him and used a bomb robot to send in and activate a device that would finally put an end to this siege of the Dallas downtown area.

As I said in the beginning of this article, sometimes sports takes a backseat to life and on this night it would again.

On Friday night MLB would recognize Thursday nights events.

Rangers and Astros take a moment to honor the fallen heroes of the Dallas police dept.

The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros held a moment of silence before Friday’s game to honor the lives lost in the Dallas shooting.

“The Texas Rangers would like to take a moment to pause and remember those who have lost their lives in tragic events across our nation in the last week, including those in our own community who last night were injured or tragically lost their lives in the line of duty,” the Rangers wrote in a tweet Friday. “Our thoughts and prayers are with a member of the Texas Rangers family, who lost her father in the tragedy in Dallas last night. We ask that you please join us now in a moment of silence.”

The Houston Astros would also post a tweet with a picture of the moment of silence on Twitter.


In no way can any of us do or say anything that brings the attention that these heroes deserve, but for now we can begin the healing process and pray that events like these do not continue.

Let’s begin by thanking the great men and woman of this country that dedicate their lives to serve and protect you and I.