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Who Can Stop George Springer?

George Springer Arturo Pardavila III - Via - Flickr


To say George Springer is off to hot start would be an understatement. Verbs like blazing or red to describe the hot start he is on doesn’t even come close.

Coming off an off year, Springer hit a .261/.359/.457 batting slash. On paper, it seems like decent numbers, not great, but decent. Attach the Springer name to them and it’s clear it was an off year. Fortunately, Springer’s tremendous start to 2017 more than makes up for a team that seemed to have an off year as a whole.


George Springer’s season so far

The Houston Astros hosted the Seattle Mariners on Opening Day, April 3. On the third pitch of the season, Springer took Felix Hernandez deep. This was the team’s first hit, run, RBI, home run and lead All in one graceful swing of the bat. Springer finished 1-3 with a walk.

In game two, Springer had a similar day. Going 1-3 with a walk. The only difference is the one hit he has in game two was a single, and not a home run.

Game three is a doozy. After starting the game 0-3, Spring rips a double to left. The double let Yulieski Gurriel and Evan Gattis score as the hit tied the game at two in the bottom of the seventh. The game would eventually go into inning 13. Springer stepped up the to the plate prior to a Gattis walk and Nori Aoki single. At that time Springer was 1-6. The at-bat would end with the ball in left field and the Astros celebrating their first walk off victory of the year.

Game four, April 6. Springer leads off the bottom of the inning with a home run. In case you weren’t counting, that’s two in the first four games.

Springer opened the series hosting the Kansas City Royals with a disappointing game. He was held in check, 0-3 with two strikeouts and a walk. His humanity would transfer over into the next game as he again was held hit-less with a couple fielder choices.

Then April 9, he would make history. Springer hit his third lead-off home run, making him the first player to hit three lead-off home runs in his club’s first seven games. He would finish 2-6 in yesterday’s match up.

Despite a slow start if we’re looking at hitting contact, it doesn’t seem to matter as he leads the league in total bases with 20. He also has a phenomenal .714 slugging percentage. Granted, it’s seven games into the season, but if he continues to it around that .650+ slug, he will be a key part of the season for the Astros.


Looking Ahead

If the Astros want to compete and make a run for it all in October, George Springer needs to battle more at the plate. No doubt his power numbers are there, but his seven strikeouts show he’s not being patient enough. He’s the Astros lead-off man and he needs to have a high on-base percentage.

Yes a high slug is great to have in every player, but a lead-off man needs that high on-base. Hopefully Springer can learn to take more and walk more. He’s showing some promise in that he has three walks, but his on-base needs to rise. Unless he can keep hitting lead-off dingers. That works too.