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Who Is The Difference Maker For The Cowboys In Divisional Round?

Dez Bryant is the difference maker for Cowboys VERNON HADNOT VIA FLICKR


Which Dallas Cowboy Will Be The Difference Maker Versus Packers?

With a high octane offense that includes several stand out players, it’s tough to really narrow it down to one difference maker this weekend. The quarterback, running backs, and receivers all play a key role. They each contribute in their own ways to the game. Each skill position on this Dallas team is loaded with talent. Who will rise up and be the true x factor against the Packers?

I think with what Dallas has accomplished this season it would be easy to point out the obvious stars of the offense, both of which are rookies. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are growing before our very eyes. They are maturing into modest and impactful NFL players. Prescott and Elliott are both in the running for NFL MVP. Obviously they will control the overall outcome of this match up.

You know what? I’m going to take this in a different direction. The flashy quarterback or running back for the Cowboys is not going to be the true difference maker. Lets set aside the obvious and the consistent players. Take away Prescott and Elliott and what do we have? A Dallas team, oozing with talent and play makers.

I want to talk about a guy who is also very well known, but just brings something extra to the table. He brings passion, energy, intensity, and he’s the true difference maker that can expose any defense. I’m talking about the one and only Dez Bryant.

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You want to talk about revenge? Here’s a player who is licking his chops at this opportunity to get back at the Packers. Bryant hasn’t played against the Green Bay secondary since the 2014 playoffs when the officials reversed a catch that was originally called a touchdown. Bryant has a very unique ability and his role in this offense in 2016 has been inconsistent.

Dez Bryant, when healthy offers so much for an offense and a rookie quarterback. He has an ability unlike anyone else to go up and make a play on the football in the air. His speed and size aid in his ability to dominate secondaries, especially weak ones like Green Bay’s.

With most of Green Bay’s attention likely on the stopping the Dallas running game, Bryant should see a lot of one-on-one looks. I feel that the Packers will buy into giving everything they have to stop Elliott, and that they will forget what Bryant is capable of. He will be extremely motivated this week, and at home in front of that Dallas home crowd, you bet he will be even more fired up.

Everyone knows that the Cowboys are going to give Elliott the football. We all know what the Cowboys will try to establish and what their main game plan will be. We don’t know what they have planned for Bryant. They would be wise to get him involved early and often and establish some rhythm. Dez Bryant will be the difference maker for Dallas this week versus the Packers. Expect a big game from Bryant.