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Who Should Dallas Want To Face In Divisional Round?

Who does Dallas want to face in divisional round? BRUCE ADLER VIA FLICKR


Which Opponent Does Dallas Want To Face First In 2016 Playoffs?

The Dallas Cowboys will host at least one home in game in the 2016 playoffs. After earning the number one overall seed in the NFC, the Cowboys will have a first round bye and will face one of three teams. Depending on what happens in the wild card round, the Cowboys will match up against the Lions, Packers, or Giants.

Now, determining who the Cowboys should want to play in the divisional round has a few aspects to it. There are match ups to break down, basically meaning which team favors Dallas more. There’s also the aspect of who the Cowboys really want. Between these three teams, it’s easy to point out which team would give Dallas the easiest path to move on, but I’m not sure if that’s what the Cowboys want.

Of the three possible teams to meet up with Dallas in the next round, the Lions would be the best match up for Dallas. By this, I mean they would be the easiest team to defeat due what just happened two weeks ago. The Cowboys just played the Lions on Monday Night Football in week 16. After a very close game throughout, Dallas pulled away and ended up defeating the Lions 42-21.

Mathew Stafford had a great season and obviously he is elite enough to pull off an upset win at Dallas. I just feel that after watching Dallas beat them down in the second half of that game, that Dallas wouldn’t have much trouble repeating that. The Lions‘ defense is very questionable and they have virtually no running game that poses a threat. So from that point of view, the Cowboys would want to face the Lions.

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Earlier in the season, Dallas paid a visit to Green Bay. This game was easily the most impressive win of the season at the time for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. Lambeau is a very tough place to play and for a rookie to lead his team there and come away with a victory is huge. The Packers have since caught fire and look extremely dangerous. Even without a consistent running game, the Packer offense finds ways to expose defenses.

Aaron Rodgers is playing like an MVP again, and that’s not good news for the rest of the NFL. I think this match up in the divisional round would be very scary for the Cowboys. Rodgers has years of playoff experience and he’s gotten hot over the last few weeks. I believe the Cowboys could still defeat them, but they’d likely prefer not to have to deal with this Packers team if they don’t have to. The Packers pose the greatest threat to the Cowboys due to their offensive attack.

This leaves us with the New York Giants. The Cowboys lost twice this season to the Giants, but by a combined four points. Both games could have gone either way with a few plays. It seems like the Giants have figured out a way to slow the Cowboys‘ offense. However, they first played week one when Prescott and Elliott were starting their first NFL games. The other loss came at New York in very cold temperatures. I bring these factors up because I believe a match up with at Dallas would be much different.

The Giants might pose more of a threat than the Lions or Packers since they have already beaten the Cowboys twice. I simply believe that Dallas wants the Giants. They want to make a statement and defeat their division rival on their way to the NFC Championship. Dez Bryant had two very poor games against the Giants and I bet he’d love to face them again. Dak Prescott had one of his worst games in the loss at New York, and knowing how competitive he is he’d enjoy another crack at them again as well.

It’s rare in the NFL for a team to beat another team three times in one season. Back in 2007 when Dallas had the one seed and hosted the Giants, Dallas had beaten New York twice as well and ended up losing that game. This year the Cowboys have gotten hot with the play of their rookies in Prescott and Elliott. They have sparked life in the franchise. Dallas should want to face the Giants and make a statement at home with a big win over their rival.