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Why Fans Shouldn’t Expect A Sprint Cup Race At Iowa Speedway


Every year around this point of the NASCAR Season, fans start to clamor about wanting a NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Iowa Speedway. While i do agree with the majority of fans (Change is good, right?), don’t expect one in the near future. Here are a few good reasons why Iowa Speedway will have to wait.

NASCAR’s Agreement With Current Tracks: Despite being owned by NASCAR (d/b/a Iowa Speedway, LLC), The current agreement with tracks will most likely not allow a new track on the schedule for a few more years. NASCAR announced agreements with 23 tracks to field NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races for the next five years last fall, this also included in the other 2 series with any standalone tracks. A track would have to give up one race within the 5 years to make it anywhere possible for a Sprint Cup Series race at Iowa.

Lack Of Permanent Seating: Iowa Speedway currently only can hold a maximum of 30,000 spectators, with only 25,000 permanent seats. That’s lower than Watkins Glen, the current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series track ranked last in permanent seating (33,000). NASCAR will have to make Iowa Speedway put in a tad bit more seats to support a Cup Series race there financially.

It’s Already Fine With The Two Other Series: Finally, the more personal opinion factor. Let’s face it, NASCAR doesn’t need to “Kentucky Speedway” every track that holds either a Camping World Truck Series and/or XFINITY Series race. Iowa Speedway already provides good racing twice a year WITHOUT the Sprint Cup Series on it’s slate. Let it be and let it thrive for now.

Final Take: Although a lot of fans would love to see Iowa Speedway have a Cup race, and believe me i would love to see it too. Fans will have to wait a few more years patiently to see any chance of the NASCAR Sprint Cup come to America’s heartland once again.