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Why The Cowboys Should Be Rooting For The Eagles On Thursday Night Football

Cowboys rooting for Eagles PAUL MOSELEY VIA FLICKR


Cowboys Should Be Rooting For Eagles Thursday Night

I realize that saying that out loud might make fans both Cowboys fans and players throw up, but the entire Cowboys Nation should be rooting for the Eagles. Put the hate and pride aside for one week as the Thursday night match up between the Eagles and Giants has huge implications on the season.

With two weeks to go, Dallas holds a two game lead on the division and conference. The only team standing in their way is the Giants. With a loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys would already seal the division and top seed in the NFC. Obviously this is a big deal, as it grants the Cowboys their second division title in three years. It also supplies them with home field and a first round bye.

Rooting for a divisional opponent can be tough, especially when it’s the EaglesCowboys fans everywhere, myself included, despise them, but they can help us out in a tremendous way. Dallas still controls their own destiny. Things would simply be easier if the Giants were to lose. The Cowboys wouldn’t have to get a win Monday night over the Lions. That game and the Week 17 match up with the Eagles would essentially be meaningless.

Since the Cowboys have a rookie quarterback leading their 2016 campaign, securing home field advantage has never been more important. Dak Prescott has played much better at home this season than on the road. He looks more comfortable and plays smarter in Arlington. If the Cowboys can secure home field, they would never have to leave the state of Texas during the postseason. Rooting for the Eagles is something I don’t think I have ever done, however, it’s the right thing to do given this week’s circumstances.

Here’s what scares me the most, and what should scare Cowboys fans everywhere; the Giants winning Thursday and the Cowboys losing Monday. If the Giants were to defeat the Eagles, and Dallas was to lose to the Lions, everything would come down to week 17. I don’t know about you guys, but I would not want to have to go into Philadelphia and get a win to secure the division and the one seed.

Now I’m not saying that this will happen, it’s just a realistic scenario. The Cowboys fan base and the players need to pull for the Eagles tomorrow, so there is nothing to worry about. The Cowboys will have won the conference and will have home field throughout the playoffs.

Lastly I leave you with this:  Come Thursday Night, it’s Fly Eagles Fly!