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Will Andrew Bogut’s Broken Leg cost the Cleveland Cavaliers a ticket to the NBA Finals ?

Reigning champion Erik Drost via Flicker


Broken Finals? or reigning champion ?

The reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers have been dealing with injury all season. The team lost guard J.R Smith due to a fracture in his right thumb. Smith has been out of the line-up since early December.

Smiths scheduled time table to return was three months, pending successful surgery. The franchise would then lose forward Kevin Love due to knee pain. The former Bruin will be sidelined for six weeks, which will allow him to play in a few games before the playoffs start.

Despite losing two key players to injury the Cav’s managed to acquire key acquisitions during the season. The defending champions acquired guard Kyle Korver via trade from Atlanta, signed forward Derrick Williams to multiple ten day contracts, and signed guard Deron Williams and center Andrew Bogut.

Championship irony:

It’s ironic that ex Cav’s forward Anderson Varejao signed with the Golden State Warriors after being traded by the Cav’s. After the epic comeback in last year’s NBA finals Varejao was denied his championship ring and former Warriors center Bogut hurt his leg in game five.

Almost a year later Bogut suits up for his first game with the Cavaliers and breaks his leg within 60 seconds of his debut.

After breaking his leg, Cavaliers fans were in shock and general manager David Griffin looked like a disappointed father on father’s day. Make no mistake, this is a blow to the franchise, but it’s not the end of the world.

If you are a Cavaliers fan there is no need to fear because you lost two key starters, and still remain in first place in the east (42-20). The organization has been bolstering their bench since they lost to the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals.

Where do we go from here?

The franchise has learned how to deal with adversity, injury and drama. If the defending champs want to lift the trophy come June, they need to rely on their bench depth. If healthy the current roster can make it to the finals without any “huge” challenge.

Granted the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers will challenge Cleveland, but the defending champs should advance to their third straight finals.

Cleveland has great depth; Bogut was a huge factor they already established team chemistry and a solid rotation without him. Assuming Love and Smith come back healthy the team has a great chance to repeat.

The Celtics are 3 games behind the defending champions.

Will the LeBron James and company lift the trophy come June?

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