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Will The 2016 Cowboys Be Contenders?

IllegalShift via Flickr


The Dallas Cowboys, long considered to be ‘America’s Team’ are running out of time to be a relevant NFL franchise. Competing in the NFC East, one of the weakest divisions in football should help them, though.

Long time quarterback Tony Romo has been has been injured over the past few seasons, but did not miss significant time until his 2015 season was cut short when he suffered two nearly-identical broken collarbone injuries, following sacks by Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks in Week 4, and Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis in Week 12.

The Cowboys possess the most potent offense in the East. With a combination of skill players such as Romo, Dez Bryant, and newly drafted Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys are primed to put up points in just about any game they play.

The biggest question mark will continue to be the health of the quarterback. He has some of the top weapons in the league, and is protected by the best offensive line in football.

If the Cowboys can stay relatively healthy, they will likely be the favorites to win the division, despite the Redskins being the most recent division representative in the playoffs. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a winner crowned at 7-9 or 8-8.

They don’t have a strong defense in Dallas; but the East has not been known for it’s defense in recent years, which gives them the opportunity to win a lot of shootouts.

My guess is that Tony Romo will not stay healthy due to the fact that he hasn’t shown he can do it. No one questions his toughness, as he has played through numerous injuries recently, but you can only contribute so much when you are not close to completely healthy.

We’ve all seen the struggles the Cowboys offense faces without Romo under center, and the injuries will probably continue to pile up as the quarterback continues to get older.


Final prediction: Dallas goes 6-10 and Tony Romo plays 10 games.