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Would Signing DeSean Jackson Benefit The Dallas Cowboys?

Is signing DeSean Jackson a good idea for Dallas? KEITH ALLISON VIA FLICKR


Is Signing DeSean Jackson A Good Idea For The Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to secure their second wide receiver spot as Terrance Williams is currently a free agent. They can either invest in a draft pick or sign another free agent receiver. DeSean Jackson is a big name that has some intrigue. However, is signing Jackson an ideal move for Dallas? Would he really help the offense and would he fit in with the team? There are a lot of important aspects to analyze when it comes to singing DeSean Jackson.

Jackson has played in the NFC East his entire career. He spent his first six seasons with the Eagles and the last three with the Redskins. So he knows this division inside and out, which is obviously a huge positive.

Jackson is a very athletic and talented player at the wide out position, but he is an extremely bold player. What I mean by that is he’s a very verbal and egotistic. I’m not sure if signing DeSean Jackson would work with the Dallas locker room. Jackson is also known for his showboating antics and his huge ego. This is another reason why it would be risky to sign him. The Cowboys have a very close and humble locker room. Jackson just doesn’t make much sense from a character stand point.

Breaking Down DeSean Jackson And What He Offers

Signing DeSean Jackson makes all the sense in the world from a numbers standpoint. In his nine seasons, Jackson has scored 53 combined touchdowns. That’s including rushing and punt return touchdowns. He’s accumulated nearly 500 receptions for 8,819 receiving yards. Jackson is the definition of a play maker and with his speed, he can burn anyone. He would impact the Cowboys both in the passing game and on special teams with his elite return ability.

I’m just hesitant to really say whether or not singing DeSean Jackson would actually help Dallas. They already have one of the league’s best offenses. Dallas has grown into more of a family atmosphere of late. The players really bonded last season with all their success. It’s one of those situations where you have to careful with adding shaky pieces like Jackson, mainly due to the fear that it could potentially mess things up. Jackson could turn out to be amazing in this offense and would likely boost their firepower.

He could also be a poison in the locker room and stir things up.

Overall, signing DeSean Jackson would likely benefit the team more than it would hurt the team. Dallas needs more depth at the receiver position and Jackson would help in a big way. If Dallas is interested in signing him, they will need to weigh the positives and negatives. He has a big ego, he’s a selfish player, and he could possibly be a distraction. However, DeSean Jackson is an outstanding play maker and would give another exciting dimension to the Cowboys’ offense.