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WWE Main Roster Call Ups


Post WrestleMania Call Ups

What are Call Ups? In the past few years it has become a tradition that WWE will debut new talents on the evening following WrestleMania. This typically happens on Raw. The WWE developmental brand NXT cultivates new stars who are waiting for their chance to hit the big time. Sometimes it is a returning legend. Other times, it’s a hot young rookie. In recent years, it has meant NXT talents. Last year Raw saw the debuts of Baron Corbin, Enzo, and Big Cass. Each star looking to make an impact. They honed their craft in NXT and this would be their first opportunity to shine.

The Call Ups have Arrived!

This year was no different. Raw saw the highly anticipated debut of the Revival. The established stars, the New Day, threw out an open challenge. It was answered by the longest running NXT Tag Champions. The New Day, virtually untouchable for a year, fell to the newest members of the roster. Additional Call Ups are expected but they may be kept away from Raw.

Smackdown gets in on it.

This year, Smackdown saw a much more significant debut. Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura made their presence felt on Tuesday night. The debut of Tye Dillinger adds depth. The more significant move is Nakamura who will be an immediate draw for the show. Nakamura is capable of putting on matches that rival the best of all time. He is a two time NXT Champion. As a world traveler he has won championships everywhere. The former IWGP World and Intercontinental champion adds a legitimate talent to the roster.

Finally WWE gets it Right.

Last year when the talents called up to the main roster crippled the developmental territory. NXT took all year to recover. The Call Ups proved to be critical to furthering the brand split. However, NXT lacked credible stars. This year, WWE was more selective. They brought up a limited number of talents. With news of a potential Ring of Honor buy out, this could prove to be essential going forward. The remaining NXT talents who may have been called up could be used to fortify that roster. NXT can now thrive with talent. They can cultivate more stars. Most importantly, they can gain more experience before being rushed to TV. In any event, WWE got it right this year.


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