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WWE polling fans on potential additions to WWE Network on Flickr

Since it launched in early 2014, the WWE Network was available to fans for the low price of $9.99 a month. For diehard or casual wrestling fans that price generally seemed fair for most. Fans were able to watch every pay per view for that $9.99 and had access to thousands upon thousands of hours of on demand streamable content from the various video libraries that the WWE has access too.. But changes could be on the way.

While nothing official had been announced as of yet, the WWE recently held a survey asking network subscribers if they would be willing to change their subscription price with four new plan ideas. One of which includes the ability to watch “INDEPENDENT WRESTLING CONTENT including TNA and Ring of Honor.”

The four different plans included in the survey included a free subscription but it would restrict the amount of streaming content limited to five hours a month and didn’t include any pay per views, episodes of NXT or the CWC.

Plan two was price pointed at $4.99 and was similar to the free plan but added the “big four” pay per views (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series) as included.

The third plan would be the WWE Network as everyone knows it currently.

The fourth plan is where the aforementioned new price comes in. For a suggested $14.99 you would have the current network and the suggested access to various independent wrestling content. It would also allow fans the ability to vote on the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame classes and early access to tickets for upcoming events.

With the recent rumors of the WWE interested in buying the TNA Wrestling video library this shouldn’t be a big surprise, and Dave Melter recently reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE was in talks with Ring of Honor.

Granted, this is nothing short of speculation at this point, the question really is how much TNA or ROH content will be made available or will they be streaming their current product and events as well or is it just on demand content. They WWE has also been rumored to be interested in similar deals with EVOLVE and WWN. Both of which are promotions in which Triple H has reportedly been willing to work with in the past, and with him even being seen backstage at EVOLVE events in the past and having signed a number of former EVOLVE stars such as Apollo Crews (formerly Uhaa Nation) and Johnny Gargano.

As of this writing this appears to be nothing more than speculation of a WWE issued survey, but it may be a story to keep up on moving forward.