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WWE Superstar Paige sex tape leaks

Paige Hector Olguin on Flickr


WWE Superstar Paige sex tape leaks, alleges an iCloud hack

On Friday afternoon WWE Superstar Paige became a trending topic on social media. But with her being currently on hiatus from the RAW Brand due to an injury; it was not for any wrestling related reason. Along with a series of NSFW photos, there is a Paige sex tape that was leaked as a part of a massive iCloud hack as it is being reported, and has since been alleged by Paige and her mother that she was in fact hacked.

Along with Paige, Emma Watson and Seyfried also had NSFW photos leaked.
As of this time, who or what caused the photos and videos to be released is unknown. However, iCloud hacks are nothing new, especially with to female celebrities.

Many believe the Paige, Watson and Seyfried’s leaks are all linked; similar the massive iCloud hack and in turn, NSFW photo release of 2014 that included Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The person responsible for the 2014 mass hack was eventually found and was sentenced to an 18-month jail sentence.

Initially Paige did not comment on the leaks, but it did not take long at all for the two-time Divas Champion to break her silence.

Paige took to Twitter to comment on the photos:

Along with Paige, her mother Saraya Knight has commented on the situation; She confirms that Paige’s family will stand by their daughters side through all of this:

The WWE has not commented on the situation, as of now.

It also remains unknown what, if any, sort of punishment Paige will receive for this.


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