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YouTube Pulls Plug on Monetization of Wrestling Videos

Wrestling Videos on YouTube Not Advertiser-Friendly Carly Wahl via Flickr


Wrestling Videos on YouTube Not Advertiser-Friendly

The popular video streaming website has been all over the news lately, and not in the best of ways. This time, it’s because of wrestling videos.

YouTube began stripping ads from accounts and channels last year, letting the creators know that they were not advertiser friendly. This is not a new policy, but the website did not give warning to the creators until after their videos were stripped of ads.

YouTube strikes again as they have recently categorized wrestling related content as “not advertiser friendly.”

Ads will no longer be played during these videos. This results in very little money for the creators of them. Independent wrestling promotions and channels have especially taken a hit. Many rely on the extra cash to make ends meet. There are many who are struggling to bring in the extra money necessary to operate without the ad revenue.

Since WWE is in a partnership with YouTube, the change in policy is unlikely to hurt them.  Right now, ads are still playing on the company’s channel. WWE also has many other sources to make money. Unfortunately, many smaller promotions who rely on their YouTube channel to function have not been so lucky.

For example, ProWrestlingSheet owner Ryan Satin tweeted a very real consequence from this change. He had posted a video last week which had thousands of views, but his company only made a meager 14 cents. Beyond Wrestling has also spoken up. This promotion would need to sell an extra 250 DVDs per month to make up for the loss of income.

Many other popular YouTube channels may be affected by as well. Fans have started to wonder what might become of the Joe Cronin Show, Wrestling With Wregret, and WhatCulture. The loss of silly, fun shows like these will be a devastating loss to pro wrestling altogether.

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  • I am not sure how this make sense in any way… Feel like both ends are getting shorted. Odd move by Youtube here.