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Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax on Total Divas, Lana’s Gimmick, NXT Couple Announces Engagement

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Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax Confirmed for Total Divas

The E! hit reality television show has picked up two new faces. It has been confirmed that WWE Women’s champ Alexa Bliss and WWE superstar Nia Jax will be on the show. The show will be filming its seventh season within the next few weeks.

E! has been trying to fill Eva Marie’s spot for awhile. Eva Marie confirmed she would not be returning to the show recently. This sparked interest on whether or not her time with the WWE was coming to a close.

Originally, Charlotte Flair was the lady expected to take over the Red Queen’s slot. However, this won’t be the case after all.

Luckily, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss both have intriguing backstories. With Alexa dating NXT superstar, Buddy Murphy, we will seem him on the show as well. Their real-life friendship will make for good entertainment.

It is unclear if Bliss and Jax are the only two new additions. There have also been some questions raised about Paige’s status. Paige has so far remained off-screen with the WWE. She has been distancing herself from the company. Instead, Paige has been busy focusing on her relationship former WWE champ, Alberto Del Rio. Total Divas has even gone so far as to cut scenes that have her in them.

Lana to Become the Next Red Queen

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE has a clear idea in mind for Lana. Basically, she will be following the footsteps of Eva Marie.

Lana’s return has been teased for weeks. The WWE plugged vignettes for her left and right. Finally, the blonde star finally made her debut on Tuesday night. There, she demanded to be inserted in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

In this case, the WWE views Lana as the next Eva Marie. The parallels between the two women are uncanny. This is why Lana has had so much build-up.

If you can recall, prior to Eva Marie’s break from the company, she would tease an in-ring return each week. And, each week, she wouldn’t get in the ring. There was always a silly reason for her avoidance. This earned her serious heat from the WWE Universe.

Unfortunately, Lana received a babyface reaction from the crowd. If the WWE wants to push her as a heel, there is some creative work necessary here. The WWE also needs to tread carefully. Throwing Lana in the ring against Naomi or Charlotte will prove her disadvantages. Maybe she would benefit from silly excuses, too?

Bianca Blair and Montez Ford Announce Engagement

NXT superstars Biana Blair and Montez Ford have announced their engagement via social media. Blair posted a picture of her sporting a gorgeous diamond ring.

Although Blair and Ford aren’t prominently featured on NXT, they both boast great resumes. Blair is an All-American and All-SEC track and field athlete. She is also a power lifter and CrossFit competitor.

Montez Ford previously served for the Marine Corps. He additionally worked as a contractor for the US Navy prior to making the jump to pro wrestling. He is gaining some traction in NXT. His popularity has increased based on his tag team with Angelo Dawkins.

Everyone at TSJ wishes to congratulate the couple.

So, what do you think of Alexa and Nia joining TD? Isn’t it kind of weird, seeing as they aren’t “divas” at all? Is WWE making the right move with Lana? Let us know in the comments below!

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