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BREAKING NEWS: Paige Issued Arrest Warrant in Texas

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Paige Issued Arrest Warrant

Can the girl ever catch a break? From sex tapes to drug allegations, Paige continues to make headlines. I was beginning to think it couldn’t get worse for her. Yet, somehow, it always does. With a heavy heart, I continue to follow the ongoing drama with the former NXT Women’s champ. Today, I just shake my head at the newest development. According to Pro Wrestling Times, Paige has been issued an arrest warrant.

Paige’s on and off again relationship is hard to keep track of. Her relationship with Del Rio makes me want to vomit at this point. Now, her downward spiral has landed her into a lot of trouble.

ADR was being investigated for domestic violence following a fight at the Orlando airport. In the meantime, Paige insists that she’s the one in hot water. The details are fuzzy, but she claims to have thrown a drink at her boyfriend.

The Background Story

A few weeks back, TSJ reported on the airport incident in depth. The duo had a very public argument. There was also a witness who claimed to have seen the entire fight unfold. The Orlando Police department was involved. Paige told her version of the story via Twitter, but it didn’t make much sense. She also changed her story several times. It sure looks suspicious….

The entire fiasco can be found here.

A Turn of Events

Therefore, the State Attorney made a decision regarding Paige.

Since then, the detectives have sent the information to the State Attorney’s office. It was deemed necessary for charges to be filed.

The Orlando Police Department has connected with San Antonio’s PD. They’ve also turned their information over to the state of Texas. In turn, San Antonio issued a warrant for her arrest. Charges will now officially be brought against her.

The investigation, however, with ADR is not complete. He wrestled in Monterey, Mexico this past weekend. Paige was by his side, and isn’t back in the States yet. Paige’s representatives have yet to respond.

Is the WWE going to fire Paige? Fans and officials alike sure think so. At the very least, another suspension is on the horizon. If her leaked sex tape wasn’t enough, this sure will be. With the PG era, negative headlines aren’t doing her any favors.

What’s Next for Paige?

Well, dang. That’s all I can think about.

Paige had a ton of potential, and I’m sorry to see her go down this path. Along with AJ Lee, Paige is arguably a pioneer of the Women’s Revolution. Her career has fallen apart since then. The back-to-back suspensions haven’t helped her situation. Her neck injury was unfortunate timing. The injury kept her out of action longer than anticipated.

Paige could have been busy rehabilitating. Instead, she chose to keep busy with Del Rio. Plenty of people have spoken out against the relationship, yet they forge on. Unfortunately, ADR likes to speak out against the WWE.

Although, because it’s a domestic violence situation, the pair couldn’t have contact. If she’s covering for him, it will become clear. Maybe a separation would be enough for her to understand the gravity of her issues. At least, here’s hoping.

If she’s not willing to ditch the dude, Paige ought to consider heading back to England.  She really needs to get support from her family. Her family despises ADR, so an intervention needs to happen.

If drugs are to blame for her obvious insanity, she’s gotta get clean. If she doesn’t, Paige is going to end up as a sad story with an even more sad ending.

What do you guys think? Is Paige going to get fired from the WWE?  Do you think she’s entirely to blame? Or, is she still covering for ADR? Would she prosper at another company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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