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Barrett and Carlito Make History


Wade Barrett and Carlito Make History

In the current climate of Professional Wrestling, it is challenging to make a huge impact without being a member of a major promotion. Sure, you can hit the independent scene and start to make a name for yourself. For many the issue is that despite putting on some of the best matches in the world, people rarely change the business in a meaningful way at an indy show. That cannot be said for former WWE talents Wade Barrett and Carlito.

From May 17th through the 21st, history was made. Both took part in the launch of the first professional wrestling promotion that is based in Pakistan. The promoter of Pro Wrestling Entertainment plans on running ongoing shows in the future. The show was a vehicle to elevate local talent, Baadshah Khan. His background includes being trained in France. Khan was primed for a push as the hometown hero. On night one, Khan was matched up with Carlito in the first show’s main event. The finish saw special guest referee, Wade Barrett, hit a bull hammer to give Khan the victory. On the final night, Khan was able to defeat multiple opponents in a rumble to win the first ever PWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Future

After the event, in an interview with the local publications, Khan indicated the desire to create a wrestling training facility to cultivate more talent. With the involvement of premier talents like Carlito and Wade Barrett, drawing a more broad audience is possible. Initially the reports from those in attendance indicated that there seemed to be solid production value behind the show. They had was a titantron for spectators. Production included professional lighting and entrances. For a new promotion, it will be critical to follow up this event with another solid outing. In their subsequent shows they must deliver. Future dates have not been announced. With the crowd into the show, there is potential. Support for their home grown hero was a great sign for the promoters.


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