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Bray Wyatt’s Wife Files for Divorce, Accuses of an Affair with JoJo

Bray Wyatt Tracey Benson, via Flickr


Bray Wyatt Allegedly had an Affair with JoJo

Former WWE champion, Bray Wyatt, often keeps to himself. It is quite odd to see him appear in news at all, let alone negative news. Recently, reports prove that his wife, Samantha Rotunda, has filed for divorce from the Eater of Worlds. She alleges in an explosive claim that Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) has been involved in an affair.

Court documents show that Samantha Rotunda filed for divorce in April. Her lawyer has confirmed that WWE ring announcer, JoJo, was the woman in question. However, the court documents do not state the name of the alleged mistress.

In the meantime, Bray Wyatt has denied this claim. Wyatt has since filed legal documents of his own following the scandal. He also says that Samantha is making “defamatory statements” in an attempt to ruin his reputation. He has also claimed that she’s been posting lies on her social media account, too. Bray believes those lies will hurt his future business ventures in the entertainment business. For those reasons, he has filed paperwork to the courts for an injunction to keep her quiet.

Samantha and the WWE superstar have been married for five years. They attended Troy University together, eventually having two daughters. Samantha has additionally revealed that the couples split back in March. She claims that Bray walked out on her and their two daughters.

Reports have surfaced that she is attempting to receive alimony, their family’s home, and custody of the children. Apparently, she didn’t intend to reveal his misdeeds to the courts. However, once she caught wind that he was running her name through the mud, she changed her tune quickly. Initially, she hoped to keep their split as neutral as possible.

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