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Cryptic Tweets from 3 Wrestling Greats

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Cryptic Tweets

Cryptic Tweets are now floating around the wrestling world from 2 legends and one former TNA/WWE 205 Live Star. They are none other than The Immortal Hulk Hogan, The one who wrote “controversial creates cash” Eric Bischoff, and “A Double” himself; Austin Aries.

The timing has led some fans to speculate about these tweets possibly being related.

What does it mean?

The professional wrestling community is buzzing with a speculation, that Hulk Hogan could likely be involved in a huge angle.

Apparently, Hogan’s Tweet about unspecified big news pertaining to his career a couple of days back.

And then Austin Aries follows somewhat a similar message:

“Made perhaps the biggest decision of my life. 2018 isn’t going to be gold, it’s going to be Platinum.

— Austin Aries (@AustinAries) November 11, 2017″

Additionally, Hogan’s longtime friend Eric Bischoff sent out a social media post of his own; again asserting that the game just changed—

The Legendary Hulkster returning to the sport has been reverberating over the past few days. Supposedly, rumor has it that the WWE has been thinking about bringing the Hulkster back into its fold.

In reference to the huge secretive angle, what makes the aforementioned series of social media posts intriguing is that; all three pro-wrestling personalities are currently free agents, and have the liberty to work for any promotion they choose; especially given their popularity and veteran status in the business.

Earlier this year, Hogan said, he wanted to join the Bullet Club.

Cryptic Tweets: Writer’s View,

Our TSJ_WWE assistant editor is guessing that “bischoff bought his own promotion?”

But I think Mr.Easy E buying his own promotion ain’t gonna happen because Vince McMahon won’t sell it back, unless the old guy is going nuts?

Can it be that the tweets from Bischoff and Hogan refers to Triple H’s NXT: War Games PPV? Since the PPV was originated from WCW. Bringing them back for that show would make sense. Or is Hogan and Aries in some sort of a match or an angle? But what’s gotta do with Bischoff getting involved too?

Well, we just have to wait and see.

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