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What’s Eric Bischoff’s Next Wrestling Project?

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What’s Eric Bischoff’s Next Wrestling Project?

The last time the WWE Universe saw Eric Bischoff, he was inducting Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame. So the question is, what’s next for Bischoff in the wrestling business? Well, now we know the answer to this question.

It has been announced that Bischoff is now the co-owner of Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling based out of Ohio. This was announced this past Saturday at the company’s event. However, fans will have to wait awhile before they see him.

Bischoff is taking over on February 2nd for the event “New World Rising.” So he won’t be starting for a little while, but it’s good to have Eric Bischoff back in wrestling.


Good for him! I’m very happy that Bischoff is still in the business making some company better!

There were some people who were upset that Bischoff wasn’t named the new RAW general manager. That job went to Kurt Angle. Before Angle was officially named the GM right after Wrestlemania, Bischoff was one of several former legends who were on the list to replace RAW‘s first GM, Mick Foley.

Bischoff is best known to the WWE Universe as being the president of WCW and later WWE. He was one of many famous on-air personalities in the 1990’s. So, older WWE fans would remember him while younger WWE fans don’t know who Bischoff is. Before inducting DDP into the Hall of Fame, Bischoff had not been seen on WWE TV since 2005.

To be honest, I have no idea who the Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling company is. However, I truly believe that Bischoff’s experience in the business will be invaluable to the company.

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