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GFW/Impact Wrestling Split

GFW and Impact Wrestling are no more Ameergozef776, Wikimedia Commons


It is now official that Global Force Wrestling (GFW) and Impact Wrestling have decided to parted ways. Impact Wrestling released previously on Twitter that they have “terminated their business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc., effective immediately”. Impact Wrestling’s parent company; Anthem Entertainment announced in September that Jeff Jarrett would take a leave of absence and he hasn’t with the company since.

Impact Wrestling has run into quite a lot of problems over the last year with ownership rights, wrestling leaving, etc. In July of this year, Impact Wrestling rebranded TNA to Global Force Wrestling after the merger between the two companies. Four months after Impact Wrestling acquired GFW, they have terminated their business relationship with Global Force Wrestling as well as Jeff Jarrett who was the Chief Creative Officer. Jarrett will keep the GFW name with him, whether he decides to bring back GFW is still unknown at this time. Sports Illustrated reported earlier this year that Anthem Entertainment are attempting to sell Impact Wrestling. It’s not known yet if cutting ties with GFW will make Anthem more or less willing to sell Impact Wrestling.

It will be interesting to see where Impact Wrestling will go from here. The companies world title previously named GFW Global Championship has been changed to the Impact Global Championship. The company has some incredible talent including the likes of Alberto El Patron, Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Johnny Impact (aka Johnny Mundo), etc. Impact Wrestling also has a storied history, previously known as TNA Wrestling and the tape library they have could be valuable to WWE, considering they have many of WWE’s talent older work they could put up on the WWE Network.


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