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Global Force Wrestling Taking 10 Percent of Earnings Back From Talent

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Global Force Wrestling Taking A Cut From Contracted Talents’ Independent Booking Earnings

Amid the media attention Global Force Wrestling has received from the dilemma with their champion, Albert El Patron, more media attention may come. A report claims that GFW’s talent must give money back to GFW from any earnings they receive from independent bookings.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, most talent contracted with GFW must give 10 percent of their earnings from independent bookings back to GFW. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Talent contracted to GFW also don’t receive any profits from merchandise with their likeliness sold by GFW.

This news comes in on the same day as UPROXX reports that new talent might be coming to the GFW. Bill Hanstock from UPROXX stated that popular Indy stars John Morrison AKA Johnny Mundo, and Jake and Dave Crist are all expected to appear at GFW events very soon. The length of their contracts is still unknown.

On an episode of Impact wrestling, in April, it was announced that GFW and Impact were merging. Since then, not much has gone well for the GFW/Impact merger. An ongoing legal battle with Matt and Jeff Hardy, over the “Broken Hardy” gimmick. Then the alleged domestic issues between WWE’s Paige and the aforementioned Alberto El Patron have not made GFW/Impact a very enticing company for new talent to sign with.

What’s To Come?

Could this new report and the other negative reports discourage free agents from signing with GFW? The beginning of the merger for GFW and Impact hasn’t gone as great as they probably expected. The previously mentioned legal battles and personnel problems with talent have hindered the merger between the two wrestling promotions. This new report has the possibility of slowing the success for the GFW and Impact merger. Nevertheless, time will tell for the success for GFW and Impact.

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