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Hulk Hogan Calls Irma Victims Cry babies

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Hogan’s Tweets

Former Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan tweeted out a couple of tweets that people seemed to believe as heartless.

He states that anybody with no power, no water, that is whining about it are cry babies and it could have been much worse.

The tweets received bad and good comments from fans. Majority of the fans just made rude comments. Hogan tweeted:

No water, no power, crybabies! Everyone’s complaining. These people have no clue how bad, it could be. Praying for those that got hit hard, lost homes, lives, businesses, lost everything.

Reasoning for Cry Babies

Terry Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan sent the tweets after 8 elderly people died in a nursing home, that lost all its power and AC during Irma. Critics said this wasn’t good for the former wrestler’s already bad reputation.

Hulk stayed in his residence in Clearwater, Florida and toughed out the storm. It’s not been said, to how much damage was done to his house. But Hulk did reply with:

It has a lot of damage, but we all are safe.

After all the bad and good tweets Hogan received from fans regarding to his tweet; there was one that stood out. It said;

I would rather lose water, power, and my house, then having to lose and bury my love ones.



Writer’s Thoughts

When I first read this article I was like whoa! What was he thinking? As I got more into the article, and I realized the reasoning for it.

Hogan stated his opinion, and it got negative feed, and misunderstanding. People that complained about little things, are cry babies.

The fan that wrote about losing the loss one, was agreeing  with the Hulk, in many ways. I’ve heard that Hogan wasn’t always good with words.

I totally believe this was big mistake, and a huge misunderstanding. I agree with Hulk and the fan.

No power, no water, I get it, it’s frustrating, not to have it, but at least you have a home. There are people out there with nothing left, and they have to start from scratch; so it can be much much more worse than what you think.

Do you agree with Hogan? Were his tweets mean? What do you think? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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